A Parallel Universe Where Another “You” Exists

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The possibility that a parallel universe exists is intriguing. Isn’t it? Movies and comics of the 1960s have explored the theme of another universe different to this.

Recently, the discussion on the possible existence of a parallel universe where time goes backwards took over the internet. The basis is a discovery first made in 2006-7 and later also observed in 2014-15. A usual particle in our atmosphere called neutrinos was observed to defy the laws of physics in an anomalous occurrence.

Source: NASA archives

NASA’s Antartic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) was created by experts working on an experiment in Antarctica. It is designed to pick up cosmic ray signals and neutrinos. ANITA made up of 5,180 optical detectors stays over the frigid continent at an altitude of 121,000 feet defying gravity with the help of helium balloons.

Neutrinos are known with the features of being low-energy subatomic particles.

This makes them able to slide through the solid matters of earth up. Only particles with these features can escape through the solid matters. Particles that have opposite features as higher-energy can only be detected coming down from space.

Source: NASA archives

However, ANITA on two different occasions recorded higher-energy neutrinos coming up from earth. This means an unusual occurrence of higher-energy particle escaped the earth solid matters. This remains an inexplicable event for physicists.

What, however, seems to be agreed upon by physicists is that the finding implies that the particles are traveling back in time. A very distinct difference from how things work here.

This discovery has been used as the basis for many hypotheses. Peter Gorham of the University of Hawaii and colleagues on the ANITA team discussed that the only possible way this could have happened was that the neutrinos picked up by ANITA were not in their original form. They hypothesized that the neutrinos, possibly, were products of interaction that happened within the earth – either in or just below the massive Antarctica ice. But, this is just an unproven hypothesis.

Source NASA archives

The New York Post examining physicists, take on the inexplicable phenomenon and states the simplest explanation for the occurrence which is that at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, two universes were formed. The universe we current inhabit and another one in which, from their own point of view, is going backwards in time.

Then, the shocking part is that if there are any inhabitants of this other universe, they would construe us as the ones going backwards.

Certain interesting takes on the concept of life are attached to the possibility of this parallel universe. An intriguing one is that since the time in both universes are directly opposite of each other – one moves forward and the other backwards – the human life could be a continuous cycle lived and relived between the universes.

Source: unsplash.com

That is, once a person dies old in this universe they go to the other universe and start living from an old person till they turn to baby and then find themselves in this universe again living from a baby to an old person. De javu is used as a point for this argument. Do not get swooned by the philosophies and hypothesis, remember no part of these is definitely proven.

In an article released by Forbes on the phenomenon, the conclusion in an academic paper written by the teams that study the findings of ANITA is discussed. A summary provided states that an astrophysical explanation of these anomalous events under standard model assumptions is severely constrained regardless of source spectrum. This easily means that the source of the particles observed are unknown and no conclusions can be made yet.

Researches, findings and analysis on the phenomenon are still at hand and there are no conclusive claims yet. We could all just feed our minds with wonderful imaginations of what possibilities could be or just let it slide as another discovery with no significant changes to the universe as we know it.

The choice is yours!

This article, “A Parallel Universe Where Another “You” Exists”, was written by Enoch Omosebi for MC! Magazine and published in its July to Sept. 2020 issue.


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