Skincare: Grooming Habits You Totally Need to Imbibe

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It’s 2020! And, no one takes you more of a man because you pay less attention to your skin. Men’s grooming is now an honoured art. There’s no shame involved and if you have not jumped on the bus, wake up because this bus is about to leave and would not wait for you.

Here are 10 grooming tips every man should know;

Skincare: Grooming Habits You Totally Need to Imbibe

Cut your nails

No one likes those extremely long nails and even if you want to have them on, ensure they are clean and well-manicured. Long nails are often known to keep germs in and you certainly don’t want that.


A good shave gives you a better and healthier skin. Shaving helps to remove not just the hair in your face and pubic area but also the dead skin cells and therefore eliminates the possibility of acne and provides for smooth and healthy skin.

Skincare: Grooming Habits You Totally Need to Imbibe

Become a regular at your barber’s

Your hair needs a trim. Cutting your hair makes you look neater, allows you to experiment with other styles. And, if you want to try a new trend, get at it!

Get a scrub

Stimulating the face through regular exfoliation is vital to renew the skin’s surface. Finding a suitable scrub is therefore extremely important.

Skincare: Grooming Habits You Totally Need to Imbibe

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing Reduces Skin Problems – Moisturizing every day can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Using a daily moisturizer ensures that the skin’s blemishes are camouflaged.

Put your best feet forward

They might not be on a show that often, but a good foot routine is still important. Pedicures aren’t made for women only.

Wear Sunscreen

It is essential to wear sunscreen as it protects the skin. It reduces ageing. It reduces wrinkles and the risk of skin cancer.

Skincare: Grooming Habits You Totally Need to Imbibe

Find your signature scent

Use perfumes and colones to make you smell better, help boost your confidence and enhances your mood. Perfumes help lift your spirits. You can also wear perfumes that reflects your mood, to project it better. Whether you feel playful, mischievous, timid or even reserved, perfumes offer many different kinds of smells for different moods.

Brush that tongue

Not brushing your tongue can make your gums weak and susceptible to bacteria attack. This may affect your teeth in the long run and you may slowly begin to lose them. Also, brushing your tongue helps with bad breath and do not forget to change your toothbrush about every three months.

Smile more often

Put on a happy face. A cheerful facial expression may compensate for relative unattractiveness.

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