Restaurant Review: Skybox

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This is an all-time favorite for so many reasons! First, it is a rooftop restaurant, secondly, it overlooks the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge and all of Lekki phase one and thirdly, the food is AMAZING!

I could actually put together a PowerPoint presentation as to why SkyBox is golden but that’s what I’m here to do.

SkyBox restaurant | Credit: Skybox restaurant

Getting right into it, I will start with the building!

Like I said, it’s a rooftop restaurant and seeing that the stairwell to the restaurant could get dark, they took the initiative of lining the railings and stairs with LED lights, which sort of gives it a very artistic vibe before you even get into the restaurant. Along the stairwell, there is a door to your right with art all over its walls (super plush!) and this leads you straight to the convenience – another gold star in my books. Nothing puts me off like seeing the convenience situated too close to the actual restaurant!

Skybox restaurant | Credit: lostinlagos

If you keep up the stairs, you’d get to the actual restaurant where you’ll see a quaint-sized stage and a beautiful bar which I still think is an architectural beauty. The style and deco are very deliberate, the sofa set-ups are very communal and the feel of fresh natural air against your face is second to none!

The staff are very respectful and nice, they don’t linger, hold unnecessary conversation or hound you till you place an order. Which brings me to the food!

Skybox restaurant | Credit: lostinlagos

If you want to dine on a budget but still feel bourgeoisie, then Skybox is the place for you. Now don’t get me wrong, the food is great but for a restaurant in the heart of Lekki, you’d expect it to be on the high side. With ten thousand Naira (10,000) two persons can comfortably dine out at SkyBox.

Skybox restaurant cocktail | Credit: lostinlagos

The cocktail menu is another treasure and honestly I like to think of it as a rabbit hole because it is affordable and there is a variety to choose from so you can just sit by the bar and drink away the stress of lagos until you get the cumulative debit alert on your phone.

Skybox restaurant | Credit: lostinlagos

As we all know this review won’t be complete without the one thing SkyBox can improve on and it is the fly control. I get that it is an open space and they try their best to keep the flies at bay but I feel like they forget about it from time to time and no one likes to swat flies from their meal.

My rating, four Stars out of five.

Generally, we all know Lagos never had it so cool so SkyBox is the ”it” place for your personal relaxation and freedom.

This article, “RESTAURANT REVIEW: SKYBOX”, was written by Philips Francis for MC! Magazine and published in our Oct. – Dec. 2020 issue.


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  1. I pass by skybox and I love it…I wish to work with them….am a graduate done with service

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