8 Best Style Hacks for the Rainy Season

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The rainy season might not be a fan favourite, but it’s no excuse to always be seen in slippers and track pants. There are a million ways to look stylish in this rainy season, but we’ll show you eight ways today. Here are eight style hacks for the rainy season.

Let’s get started.

Trench Coats

Shannon deparis | Cr.: Instagram/@shannondeparis

One of the most elegant fits for the chic and classy.

Trench coats check all the boxes for the rainy season, comfortable, classy, and durable. Get yourself a black and beige colour to keep you warm and looking expensive throughout this season.

Cropped Pants and Ankle Length Jeans

Emeka | Cr.: Instagram/@blaqbonez

Depending on where you live, you’re going to get some dirty water on your long pants during the rainy season, it’s unavoidable. To prevent your pants and jeans from getting stained, opt for cropped ones. Pants that stop at your ankle will get less stains and be easier to wash. 

Dark-coloured clothes

Momo Bonvivant | Cr.: Instagram/@boon.vivant

There’s a chance you’ll find yourself a bit drenched during the rainy season. Lighter-coloured clothes tend to get stained five times faster than dark-coloured clothes. Brighter clothes also become transparent when you get water on them. If you must wear bright colours, opt for ones that are thick and water-resistant.

A fancy umbrella

Akin | Cr.: Instagram/@bibzycarter

No one wants to make it obvious that they’re carrying an umbrella they are not using. Fortunately, there are countless fancy umbrellas that come in sleek and compact packaging.

For people who don’t want to draw too much attention while maintaining class, get a black umbrella or really cool umbrella, nothing beats that cool expensive vibe it offers.


Adeoluwa Enioluwa | Cr.: Instagram/@enioluwaofficial

Five years ago, Crocs had bad PR. Today, you’re not stylish if you don’t own a pair. It’s the rainy season and there’s no better time to pull out those fancy Crocs you have than now. Crocs are waterproof, which means they’re perfect for the wet seasons because of their durability, unlike sneakers.

Leather Jackets

Anjo Alexandre | Cr.: Instagram/@anjoalexandre

If there’s one thing the summer doesn’t let us enjoy, it’s our stylish leather jackets. The good thing is leather is durable enough to withstand some water and gives you enough warmth on those chilly rainy evenings. 

The leather jacket is a more stylish layering piece compared to rain jackets unless you prefer less warmth and more water resistance. 

Leather shoes

Shannon deparis | Cr.: Instagram/@shannondeparis

Of course, you won’t always be wearing Crocs. There are going to be occasions when you’ll need to dress up. Say you have a dinner date on a rainy day, leather dress shoes, Dr martens loafers, and leather Chelsea boots are all great options.

Hoodies, sweatshirts, knitted sweaters.

Anjo Alexandre | Cr.: Instagram/@anjoalexandre

The good thing about the rainy season is you can style those thick fabrics you love so much without breaking a sweat. Hoodies, sweatshirts, and knitted sweaters will come in handy. You can experiment with more colours here because they’re thicker materials and won’t become transparent.

A few honourable mentions when it comes to style hacks for the rainy season.

Wear more slides and less sneakers. Hats can come in handy if umbrellas are not your thing, but make sure they’re water-resistant. Avoid flare pleated clothes unless they’re thick and fitted, you don’t want the drag that comes with this type of clothing on a rainy day.

Lastly, remember it’s all about comfort, warmth, and being stylish, so don’t overthink it!

This piece on the eight style hacks for the rainy season was written by Daniel Scribble.


Daniel Scribble is a fashion contributor at Modaculture.

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