AFAA 2023: Celebrating the Vibrancy of African Creativity and Innovation

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AFAA-2023: Celebrating the Vibrancy of African Creativity and Innovation

In the pulsating heart of Abuja, the African Fashion and Arts Award (AFAA) is set to unfold its grandeur for the third consecutive year, bringing together a mosaic of talents that define the essence of the continent’s cultural and economic dynamism.

AFAA’s Unforgettable Journey

Since its inception, AFAA has been an unwavering beacon, spotlighting the remarkable impact of African youth on both the cultural and economic landscapes. The 2022 edition, hosted in Abuja across five vibrant venues, served as a testament to the convergence of creative prowess and entrepreneurial zeal. Participants from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Turkey, Côte D’Ivoire, Lebanon, and Nigeria, painted a vivid canvas of diversity within the artistic and fashion realms.

AFAA-2023: A Symphony of Creativity, Arts, and Technology

As the curtains rise on AFAA-2023 from December 1st to 3rd at the luxurious Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, the event promises an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of fashion, arts, and technology. This year, the celebration extends beyond a mere award ceremony; it embraces a master class and mentorship symposium on the first day, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement.

AFAA-2023: Celebrating the Vibrancy of African Creativity and Innovation

Distinguished Moderators and Esteemed Speakers

Guiding the discourse are illustrious moderators, including Itodo, Adetoke, Madinma, Alinonu Chibuzor, Dorkong, and Johnny Ojay. The symposium boasts an array of distinguished speakers, such as Kingsley Amako, founder of AFAA, Abuja Continental, Pashione, Linus Okorie, Obi Asika, and Prof Biodun Adeniyi, offering insights that bridge creativity and industry expertise.

A Confluence of Dignitaries and Notable Guests

AFAA-2023 is honored to welcome esteemed guests, including the Etsu of Nupe & Chairman Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, HRH CFR Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, Emir of Agaie, HRH Alhaji Yusuf Nuhu, and the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs & Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betty C. Edu. The lineup also includes Muhammad Kudu Dangana, Hon. Imaan Suleiman Ibrahim, D.G Federal Road Safety Corps Mr. Bello Mohammed, and representatives from the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation.

AFAA Schedule: A Three-Day Extravaganza

● Day 1: Master Class and Mentorship Symposium (December 1st). Time: 9 am to 5 pm. Venue: Abuja Continental

●Day 2: AFAA Award Ceremony (December 2nd). Red Carpet: 5 pm | Main Event: 6 pm. Venue: Abuja Continental

● Day 3: AFAA Festival (December 3rd). Time: 10 am daily. Venue: Abuja Continental

For Inquiries and More Information

Stay connected with AFAA-2023 on Instagram and Twitter: @afaawards, reach out via email at or visit their website here

Sponsors and Partnerships: Elevating AFAA to New Heights

AFAA-2023 is proud to be supported by an array of sponsors and partners, including Modaculture, Arise News, Ideal Media, TVC Entertainment, Rida, and more, ensuring an event that transcends expectations.

Don’t Miss the Extravaganza!

With its kaleidoscope of creativity, distinguished guests, and a vibrant fusion of fashion, arts, and technology, AFAA-2023 beckons you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable celebration of African talent and innovation. Save the dates and be part of this cultural phenomenon!

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