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Tips for Achieving Great Skin on a Budget

Three skincare content creators share their winning tips.
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Three Skincare Content Creators Share Their Winning Tips
Cr.: Ugo of @myskin_doctrine/Instagram

Achieving great and radiant skin comes with several perks, ranging from infusing one with confidence to making memorable impressions on people. It’s no surprise this reality is a goal for many people around the world. 

Looking good, they say, is good business. However, with the current state of the global economy, the art of looking good can also be an expensive endeavour. Amidst the battles with economic recession, rising inflation, and surging prices, having a glowing skin is synonymous with making costly investments and expenses. 

But contrary to several opinions, getting great skin isn’t as expensive as many think. That’s why we chatted with three skincare consultants on affordable and practical advice on how to get great skin and maintain a radiant complexion without breaking the bank. 

What Are Common Hindrances People Face With Achieving Great Skin?

Cr.: Ify of @skinbyify/Instagram

In a country like Nigeria, common problems such as inflation and fluctuating weather conditions also double as hindrances for maintaining great skin. For Bryan of @kezich_, the recent heat wave has been a stumbling block in maintaining his skincare routine. “The weather in Nigeria is a huge challenge, especially during the hot ones,” he laments. “Imagine having a 5-step routine and sweating them out or not being able to reapply sunscreen because of the heat and the fear of sweating it out.”

In the case of Ugo of @myskin_doctrine, the weather is also constantly in the way of maintaining her skin.

The heat, hot sun all year round, and lack of constant electricity is such a hindrance to this glow. It’s like continually fighting forces.”

The rising costs of commodities in Nigeria, motivated by inflation, is a challenge Ify of @skinbyify still faces on her skincare journey. “As days go by, products get expensive due to inflation in the country thereby limiting my choices of product purchase.,” she says. “For example, I love toners; sometimes, last year, I had like 3-4 opened toners because they are affordable, but currently, I can’t splurge on such because their prices have gone up.” 

Bryan also discusses how these rising prices have also put a dent in the decisions he makes regarding his skincare. “The ever-rising dollar-naira exchange rates keep affecting the prices of skincare products. If you don’t purchase skincare products today, the chances that the prices will increase the next day are high,” Bryan explains. 

Fortunately, despite these challenges, maintaining great skin is still a possibility. Continue reading to discover tips from these skincare content creators. 

Know the type of skin you have 

Tips for Achieving Great Skin on a Budget
Cr. Bryan of @kezich_/Instagram

The first step on the journey of getting great skin on a budget is understanding your skin type. Most people have skin types between normal, combination, dry, and oily. Every skin type has different requirements and needs different products and regimens to keep it healthy. 

According to Bryan, only getting products that work for you and cater to your skin concerns and not following trends is a great way to get great skin without ripping your pocket apart. 

“I’ve been a skincare consultant for over a year. Having skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation inspired me to go into skincare, and also the fact that there wasn’t enough male representation in the skincare space,” Bryan explains. 

Knowing your skin type makes it easier for you to choose reasonably priced and effective skincare products. This way, you can also avoid spending money on products or processes that won’t achieve the results you want for your skin. 

Have a simple skincare routine

Cr.: Ugo of @myskin_doctrine/Instagram

When in doubt, go simple. Skincare is no different. Many experts advise that less is usually more when keeping radiant skin: more efficacy, savings, and attractive skin. With a basic approach, you get the best and the most of your desired glow without breaking the bank.

Bryan mentioned how a simple skincare routine is a staple for him due to Lagos’s hot weather. “These days, due to the hot weather in Lagos, I keep my skincare routine simple,” he explains. “It is a 3-step routine that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 5 must-have products include a cleanser, toner, niacinamide serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.”

An investment in high-quality, reasonably-priced basics will produce better results than a collection of costly products that may not suit your skin type.

One of the essential items you will require is a cleanser. This product purges the skin of pollutants, excess oil, and filth without depriving it of its natural moisture. Think about buying reasonably priced pH-balanced cleansers that are safe for your skin type and free of harsh substances.

“My skincare routine focuses mainly on controlling acne. The major products in my routine are a non-active cleanser, an acne cleanser, a beta hydroxy acid exfoliant, an antioxidant, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen,” says Ugo. “These are 6 essentials I actually can’t do without.”

You’ll also need to moisturize after cleaning. Hydrating your skin can stop it from overproducing oil and preserve the equilibrium of your dermal layers. Using ceramides or hyaluronic acid in non-comedogenic, lightweight products will help you retain more water and hydrate properly.

For Ify, one’s skincare routine is defined by their skin needs. “Currently, my skin needs are hydration and brightening. So the essential products in my routine are a cleanser, toner, hydrating serum, brightening serum, and sunscreen,” she explains. 

Last but not least, protecting your skin’s dermal layers from UV rays keeps your complexion radiant and stops premature ageing. To protect yourself from these dangerous rays, including a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 in your regular skincare routine is worthwhile.

“Endeavour to take sunscreen application and reapplication seriously. The goal is to age like fine wine,” Ugo recommends. 

Ify also backs this by saying, “Don’t sleep on your sunscreen; every other thing you’re doing is a waste without it.”

Find out about affordable skincare products

Tips for Achieving Great Skin on a Budget

One of the most important steps in achieving bright skin on a budget is finding and using the best skincare products that are affordable and effective.

However, finding suitable products for you can be challenging with so many alternatives available. That’s why making well-informed decisions that fit your goals and budget is vital. Go the extra mile by researching affordable and efficient products that produce the intended outcomes. There are numerous ways to go about this. 

“Only get products that work for you and cater to your skin concerns.  Don’t buy products because people are buying them,” Bryan highlights. “Also, remember that what may work for someone may not work for you and vice versa.”

One way of making well-informed decisions is through online reviews. Feedback and recommendations from reliable sources online can offer insightful information about the effectiveness of different skincare products. To better understand how a product might work for you, look for reviews written by people with skin types or concerns similar to yours. 

Another method is finding the key ingredients in the products that work for you. Spend some time learning about the components of skincare products and their advantages. 

“Don’t follow the trend, read on skincare ingredients to understand their benefits for your skin, and from there, you would know if your skin needs that product, or not,” Ify states. “To save costs, look for products that have multiple ingredients that target your skin concerns.”

Seek reasonably priced products with essential components that target the particular issues with your skin. You can also buy them in bulk. Investigate and review items that are renowned for their affordable alternatives.

“If you don’t purchase skincare products today, the chances that the prices will increase the next day are so high,” Bryan says.

My advice is to buy skincare products in bulk, look for affordable alternatives to the already expensive ones, or patronize made-in-Nigeria skincare products. They are getting it right.

Bryan of @kezich_/Instagram

Make healthy lifestyle decisions

Tips for Achieving Great Skin on a Budget
Cr.: Ify of @skinbyify/Instagram

The saying “Health is wealth” also seeps into skincare. Knowing your lifestyle choices is one of the best and most affordable ways to achieve a natural glow because your everyday habits greatly impact the health and appearance of your skin.

For example, getting adequate sleep is similar to treating your skin with a revitalizing facial every night. Try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night to allow your skin to recuperate and reveal a more radiant and healthy complexion.

In a country like Nigeria, where Lagos is ranked as the second most stressful city in the world (Vaay 2021), stress is inevitable. High amounts of stress can cause skin conditions like rosacea and acne. So, to maintain good skin, engage in stress-reduction practices such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises.

Embrace a nutrient-rich diet and engage in regular exercises too. Try to stay away from excessive alcohol intake and smoking, too, as they can result in wrinkles, dryness, and early ageing.

See a skincare professional

Tips for Achieving Great Skin on a Budget
Cr.: Pinterest

There are several dermatologists out there who offer valuable insights through community clinics or by providing reasonably priced online consultations. These skincare specialists can provide customized advice depending on your skin’s requirements, saving you the trouble of trying out different products on your skin. 

“Seeing a skincare professional is the first step in getting great skin. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all, so you want someone knowledgeable and experienced to save you time and money you would have spent doing the wrong things and probably worsening your skin concerns,” advises Ugo. 


Taiwo Hassan is a lifestyle & culture writer at Modaculture.

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