Spotify’s Refreshed ‘New Music Friday Naija’ Is Spotlighting Nigeria’s Rising Stars

Typically, NMF Naija features established artists, but this edition's shift reflects Spotify's commitment to championing emerging voices.
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Spotify's Refreshed 'New Music Friday Naija' Is Spotlighting Nigeria's Rising Stars
Taves | Cr.: Instagram

Spotify’s New Music Friday (NMF) Naija playlist gets a refresh, featuring Nigeria’s hottest rising stars. This specially curated selection spotlights emerging artists in the music scene, offering music lovers a taste of fresh sounds.

The NMF Naija cover, released last Friday, features five of Nigeria’s most exciting emerging artists: SOLIS4EVRTavesLlona, Shine TTW, and Kaestyle, allowing music fans to discover the country’s next big talents.

Typically, NMF Naija features established artists, but this edition’s shift reflects Spotify’s commitment to championing emerging voices. By featuring these rising stars, Spotify is providing them with a global platform to connect and export their unique sounds to a worldwide audience.

“At Spotify, we’re committed to supporting the next generation of music superstars,” says Victor Okpala, Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for Spotify West Africa. “Nigeria boasts a rich and exciting music scene, and we’re thrilled to be refreshing the New Music Friday Naija playlist to highlight five rising artists the world should keep an eye on. This presents a fantastic opportunity for listeners worldwide to discover the future of Nigerian music, while these incredible artists can garner a global audience.”

The five emerging artists featured on the NMF Naija cover represent the vibrant spectrum of Nigerian music. On the R&B and alternative side, artists like Taves and SOLIS4EVR bring soulful vocals and fresh perspectives. However, Afropop remains the dominant force. Kaestyle infuses a multiplicity of influences with an Afrobeat twist, while Shine TTW carves a unique space with Afro-Santio. Llona embodies the genre’s versatility, seamlessly blending Afrobeats, R&B, and Dancehall influences. Together, this diverse group promises to be a driving force in the dynamic evolution of Nigerian music.


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