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The Beauty Issue 2023

Modaculture Beauty Issue 2023

Beauty Standards, Unrealistic Marketing & Lots of Sunscreen: “Everything Skincare” for People Of Colour

Though beginning to evolve, the truth within the beauty industry’s landscape has often been hidden beneath layers of misconceptions and marketing ploys. For too long, People of Colour—especially Africans—have been left in the shadows, their unique skincare needs and beauty aspirations overshadowed by a flood of white-washed messaging.

The result? A skincare market teeming with products that do little to address the specific needs of Black and Brown people.

As the industry grapples with a long-overdue disruption, it becomes evident that the quest for genuine representation and education in skincare is far from over.

In this eye-opening exploration for the cover, we had tête-à-têtes with three skincare voices in Africa—Psalmuel Josephs, Lucy Kingóri, and Mantombi Makhubela—who are on the frontlines of this transformative movement, seeking to redefine what skincare should mean for us as Africans, using their work to point out irregularities in the industry and urging POC to embrace their unique skin with confidence.

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