Candid with MC!


Micon/ModaCulture Africa continues to churn out impressive talents especially in entertainment. What is more evident is the self-belief that forms the bulk of the drive that keeps them going, ever-evolving to navigate the industry challenges and keep them on their track towards success as musical artists. This Nigerian Singer-songwriter, OCJ is one of such talents doing all it takes to gain the attention of the world and shine the spotlight on their art. Like many music stars, he fell in love with the music in church. Being a preacher’s child, he had access to the instruments. So, as a young boy, he would take the keyboard home and practice with it, making covers of his favourite songs. He did not record his song until 2019 when he came into the limelight with his single, ‘Rain’, featuring Erriga. When we first met with OCJ, real name Odekhian Ehinomen Osborn, to discuss…