Whether you’re old money, new money, or no money, everyone can add the old money aesthetic to their style. It’s all about knowing the dos and don’ts when it comes to this style and you’re about to find out the 4 golden rules of the old money aesthetic. 

Before we dive in, you may be curious as to what the old-money aesthetic is.

It’s elegant, it’s understated, and its high-quality clothing materials. It’s a term given by social media fashion enthusiasts when they started to notice a common trend of the style among generationally wealthy people. In this world, there is nothing to prove, they have the money and they’ve had it for centuries.

So what are the 4 golden rules to the old money aesthetic?

Rule 1: No Large Logos

This means no large designer prints or designer prints all over, no graphic tees, no varsity jackets, and extravagant designs. 

It’s all simple patterns and subtle brand logos.

Rule 2: Only Wear Neutral Colors

Every letter in “understated” was meant wholeheartedly, so it’s not a surprise that the preferred colour palette is neutral. There are no flashy or extremely bright colours here. 

You’ll find blacks, browns, beige, white, charcoal, navy, and khaki. 

Rule 3: Only Fitted or Regular clothing.

If you’re a lover of alte fashion then I’m sorry but this part is going to hurt. 

The old money aesthetic revolves around slim fits and regular fits, there are no baggy items of clothing here, so you can say goodbye to those baggy jeans and pants. 

Rule 4: High-Quality Fabrics Only

This is how wealthy families show they have money. It’s just like with kings of old, royal families that only wore silk or used lavender as a sign of wealth. 

To create the old money aesthetic you must pay attention to your fabrics. 

Fabrics like cotton, wool, leather, cashmere, silk, and linen are your go-to. 

That being said, let’s dive into the clothing pieces you’ll need to pull this off. It is important to note that because you want to adopt the old money aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. This is where thrifting comes in, whatever you find on this list can be gotten from thrift stores or brands like Seiko and Ralph Lauren. 

Let’s get into it. 


Cr: instagram/damsonidris

For your pants, you’re looking at suit pants and trousers with buttons, pleats and side adjusters. For casual pants, wear fitted chinos. 

Your pants and trousers should be cropped and fitted or regular sized. 

Shirts and Tees

Go for elegant polos in different textures, fitted and neutral colours. 

Your tees should be fitted too. Crews neck mostly, no v-necks or turtle necks. 

Button-ups, button-downs, Oxford shirts, and striped button ups are a must-have. Your shirts as you expect should be slim fit and regular fit. Ensure you buy a few linen shirts in neutral colours. 


Cr: @poloralphlauren

Sadly there are no hoodies in old money fashion. Sweaters are your go-to to keep warm in cold seasons. 

Tennis sweaters, knitted or crocheted sweaters are your casual options while wool sweaters with zippers are usually paired with your shirts. 


Cr: instagram/@zaraman

Coats are statement pieces in old money fashion and should be treated as such. One or two wool coats will do. Grey and brown colours should be your top priority when buying coats. 


Cr: instagram/@Iamriop

The old money isn’t complete without suits. In this category you want well-tailored suits in black, navy, and grey at least. 


Cr: instagram/@j_mrhazel

Here you want leather penny loafers, Oxfords, and brogues for your formal wear. You’ll need them in black and brown colours. 

Loafer sneakers, Birkenstocks, and slim white leather sneakers for your casual fit. 

No chunky sneakers, combat boots, or trendy shoe designs. You’re looking at classy and timely footwear. 


Cr: poloralphlauren

When it comes to accessorizing, we’re keeping it simple and sweet. 

For jewellery, small pendants in gold or silver, diamonds but small, no larger chunky jewellery. 

Leather band watches with small faces are your go-to. Cartier makes old money watches but if that’s out of your budget you can go for a Seiko. 

Your belts are black and brown leather belts, simple buckles. Stay away from large buckles. 

For eyewear, we’re looking at classic Raybans, Erika, and Aviators. It doesn’t have to be these brands but simple glasses are the go-to, so avoid any trendy glass frames and designs. 

In summary, it’s all about being simple yet elegant. High quality yet understated. Once you follow this rule of thumb you’re good to go.

This piece “How to Build an Old Money Aesthetic Wardrobe” was written by Daniel Scribble


Daniel Scribble is a fashion contributor at Modaculture.

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