Cabiri Unveils Launch, a Packaged Composable Commerce Solution for Businesses in Digital Commerce

Cabiri, a boutique systems integrator renowned for its expertise in composable commerce, has introduced a new product, Launch. This groundbreaking solution is purpose-built to address the unique challenges faced by rapidly growing enterprises in the modern digital commerce landscape.

Key Features of Launch:

Speed and Efficiency: Deploy a robust composable commerce platform in just 8 weeks. Launch offers enterprises a fast, efficient and notably lower-risk pathway to modern digital transformation.

Future-Proof Design: Launch doesn’t just cater to the present. It’s built to scale, ensuring technology evolves hand-in-hand with business growth.

Power of Leading SaaS Products: By harnessing the capabilities of enterprise-grade SaaS products such as Commerce Layer, Sanity, Vercel, and Algolia, Launch ensures businesses receive an all-in-one, interconnected package.

Seamless Integration: Designed to effortlessly meld with existing systems, Launch minimises technological disruption, ensuring unparalleled speed to market.

Global Operations Support: Whether you’re serving a local audience or operating on a global scale, Launch stands ready to back every enterprise’s expansive ambitions.

We recognised a gap in the market for a solution that not only addresses today’s commerce needs but also scales for tomorrow. Launch embodies that vision, delivering an agile, powerful, and scalable solution.

Dan Kain, CTO, Cabiri

“Cabiri’s new Launch Accelerator is a powerful innovation that integrates best-in-class components to form an enterprise-grade digital experience platform. We are eager to work closely with Cabiri to help brands transition to composable commerce and take their business to the next level. Cabiri’s Launch accelerator is now available for any enterprise interested in going-to-market with a capital efficient solution in as quick as 8 weeks. Cabiri and its partners hope to scale this solution to support the addressable market of high growth enterprises in Europe, North America, and beyond.” – Fillipo, Commerce Layer.

Cabiri stands at the forefront of systems integration, carving a niche with its exceptional prowess in composable commerce. Over the years, they’ve garnered a reputation for excellence, collaborating with numerous household-names. With their depth of expertise and commitment to innovation, Cabiri is redefining the paradigms of digital commerce solutions.


Gertrude O. is the Editor-in-Chief at Modaculture.

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