Fashion Deconstruction


Fashion has gone beyond regular tops and bottoms; and by tops and bottoms, we mean those basic two/three-piece shirts and pants. Fashion deconstruction is an art form that almost goes against the basic purpose of clothing, anti-fashion some might even say. It’s the creation of high contextual and conceptual, mostly unconventional silhouettes that may or may not flatter the body. It is usually inspired by individualistic ability to tell stories, counterculture, uncover taboo, rebel against traditional forms in art, fudge (f**k) gender roles and explicit nudity, disseminate popular forms of history, social and political ideas, or reference time and period. While deconstructing fashion may seem to render clothes distasteful or unusable, it often refuses negative critiques because of its dialogue with the issues it addresses whether directly or indirectly. Men’s Style Hot Picks: 5 Outfit Ideas to Wear to Fashion Week In the business of fashion deconstruction, Lagos Fashion Week…