Ships & Whatnuts: Here’s How to Spot an Entanglement Before It’s Too Late

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The term “entanglement” has traditionally been used to represent the action of becoming entangled in anxiety, a complex circumstance, or if you prefer, a quagmire. And although it may also be used to describe a love relationship, not many individuals know so. Not until Jada Pinkett-Smith, one-half of pop culture’s favourite couple used it to characterise her romantic relationship with American rapper, August Alsina.

How to Spot an Entanglement in Your Relationship

For those who were wrapped in its web, it acts as a vocabulary refresher. They frequently use the phrase “it’s complicated” when they describe it to others. That complexity, however, is invisible to observers causing them to make unsolicited suggestions of ending the connection without bias. However, the feeling (romantic, sexual, or physical) that influences the “entanglement” is typically what makes it so difficult.

In a world of labels and non-labels like polyamory, relationship anarchy, (people who chose not to define their relationship according to prescribed notions but by how they feel as the relationship unravels), and, monogamous non-monogamy (similar to swinging), the structures that once governed what relationships should look and feel like are being boycotted. New blueprints are being drawn up by the younger more sexually inclusive generation to elucidate how best a relationship should work.

An “entanglement” is like Socrates or Plato trying to describe an affair. It is a deliberate coinage to conceal the intentions of a relationship. It’s the same way Gwyneth Paltrow used ‘conscious uncoupling’ to paint in words, her amicable divorce with Coldplay singer, Chris Martin.

A little pro, this rebranding of the word ‘affair’ is just a veiled, subtle, or cushioned synonym. Being involved with someone besides your partner is an entanglement—it’s beginning to all make sense right? A while ago, Jada explained on her talk show, Red Table Talk, that her relationship with August happened when she and her husband, Will Smith were certain they had separated. That technically makes Jada’s involvement with August a relationship and not an affair, it still stings if you’re at the receiving end of it. Regardless of when you hear it.

That is why this article caters to you, the stung, the soon-to-be-stung, and the ones who don’t even know they’re being stung. You just wake up in shock (not anaphylactic) with (emotional) sores, swelling( around the eyes from crying so much), and body pains. Nothing is more cunning than a cheating partner, and while we are typically taken by surprise by a promiscuous relationship, there are frequently telltale signals.

The beginning of the end usually comes from choosing not to recognize these warning indicators. Emotional irresponsibility is when you ignore the telling red flags because he’s your “spec” or the absurd size of her bum blinds you to them. These signs are there for a reason, so consider them in light of what you’re looking for. Let it go if it doesn’t balance.

The author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is In Pieces, psychologist Paul Coleman, Psy.D., also notes that people frequently make assumptions about their partners based on these preconceived notions. Therefore, if you have a tendency to be trusting, it may be simple for you to misinterpret more innocent warning signals for less evident cheating indicators.

Shucks! Assume you failed to notice the warnings. You and he never agree on anything now that his pipe is holstered; he likes time to think during a fight while you like to have it out right away. You two deal with disagreements in different ways, and you never make time to get together to clear things up. As a result, it lingers like a foreboding storm cloud.

These circumstances can arise in a variety of ways, including as a result of an attempt to disrupt a pattern. Sounds absurd but wanting to break free of routines is a reason cheaters cheat.

Watch out for the warning signals listed below; while noticing just one may not be a guarantee that your partner is being unfaithful if you can cross more than one off the list, it might be time for a frank discussion. After all, they ought to be more than delighted to allay your concerns if they have nothing to conceal.

How to Spot an Entanglement in Your Relationship

Time is extremely crucial for cheating to exist. For every entanglement to happen, emotional or physical, the cheat needs a lot of it. If you know your partner’s schedule; what time he comes home from work and suddenly that time changes when there hasn’t been a promotion, new job, or project, you’re right to feel suspicious.

Once your partner starts eating into your bonding time and blames Lagos traffic a million times, you’re likely getting finessed. Also, there’s a high chance that one of your partner’s friends is burdened with the knowledge.

When it comes to concealing their infidelity from their significant partner, cheats are incredibly cunning; yet, with their friends, they are less so. As a result, some of those friends might become uncomfortable and apprehensive around you since they are privy to information that you are not. Although this is something to be on the lookout for, its ambiguity makes it difficult to identify and interpret. It can be used to strengthen your investigation, but unless one of your partner’s friends tells you otherwise, there isn’t much there.

How to Spot an Entanglement in Your Relationship

Other things to look out for include a change or a spike in their phone habits, paying close attention to how they look, and increasing engagement in social media activity. These are some signs to tell if your partner is in an entanglement. Relationships are challenging because you must cope with your partner’s feelings in addition to your own. Although loving someone can be challenging at times, you eventually discover important truths about yourself when you’re not with your spouse.

Nobody should have to watch as their relationship progressively disintegrates because of the need to break a routine, or any other reason. Better to let them know and you both go your separate ways.


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