Fashion for Plus Size Men: Tips & Tricks to Always Stand Out

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Fashion For Plus Size Men: Tips And Tricks To Always Stand Out
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Plus-size men all over the world face discrimination in several facets. However, one bias every plus-size man can relate to is the one in the fashion industry. There’s no doubt that this reality is changing in today’s world. Many fashion brands are now beginning to understand that:

There’s so much more to bigger men than just black T-shirts and baggy pants. 

We can agree that we’re now in the age of body positivity, and larger figures are not excluded. Some heavier men might believe they can’t be as fashionable as their skinny counterparts since they are plus-sized. Nevertheless, with proper knowledge, fashion is possible for any shape. A person who knows how to dress for their shape can look good regardless of their body type. Several options exist for plus-size men to embrace clothes and other fashion choices that flatter and empower them. 

If you’re a plus-size man, here are unique tips and tricks to elevate your fashion and style. 

5 Rules of the Plus-Size Man Wardrobe 

Fashion For Plus Size Men: Tips And Tricks To Always Stand Out
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Rule 1: It all starts from the fit.

“Tuck in your stomach. Wear those tight trousers.” At some point, many big men have thought about giving a false illusion, either with oversized or more undersized clothes. Some cram everything in with tight clothing. Others cover different parts of their body with big outfits. 

However, none is effective. Instead, choose well-fitting, structured clothing to help you achieve a beautiful silhouette.

Fashion For Plus Size Men: Tips And Tricks To Always Stand Out
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Rule 2: Use bright colours creatively. 

It’s a no-brainer that dark, simple colours look better and they flatter larger frames. However, that doesn’t mean you must avoid bright hues. 

An eye-catching neck scarf, for instance, will draw attention away from your waist and elevate your outfit. With this method, you can also use anything with a top, from a red beanie to a mustard scarf.

Fashion For Plus Size Men: Tips And Tricks To Always Stand Out
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Rule 3: Befriend a tailor. 

Many fashion designers or brands have a targeted audience. Only a few create clothing for people outside the average person’s box. The further you stray from this standard, the more difficult it’ll be for you to get dressed.

However, all hope isn’t lost. This is where you acquaint yourself with a tailor. A tailor has the expertise and skills to give slack shirts shape, offer tight waistbands more room, and improve the fit of your clothing. These allies are the link between imagination and reality.

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Rule 4: Subscribe to layers. 

There’s no harm in craving the gym figure that’s fashionable today. If you don’t already have that in-the-gym figure, layering can be the hack you need.

Consider wearing thin knits, work coats, and overshirts since you want to add shape, not bulk. While these clothes are heavy, you don’t have to worry about looking like Johnny Bravo. 

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Rule 5: Exercise patience with patterns. 

There’s a vibrancy that comes with patterns, and the more of it that is visible, the stronger those effects are. 

As a big man, busy prints can appear a little overbearing. Instead, go with something traditional and straightforward. 

All these being said, it’s time to acquaint you with the essential pieces for any big man to add to their wardrobe. You should note that incorporating these fashion pieces doesn’t have to be a financial hassle. Most of these pieces are standard clothes you can get anywhere at affordable prices. You can also find these pieces at thrift stores or even with fashion brands. 

Essential Pieces for Every Plus-Sized Man’s Wardrobe.

Layered tailoring 

As we implied earlier, tailoring is a big man’s best friend. 

Incorporate a jacket with padded shoulders and a slim waist to give you a more attractive silhouette. It’s even better if the buttons are placed low.

Dark clothing

There’s some truth to the notion that dark clothes make you look slimmer. Dark clothing doesn’t cast shadows, which makes any lumps and bumps underneath less obvious. 

You also don’t have to wear it from head to toe. Dark clothing works particularly well for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shirts because they serve as a versatile and flattering foundation for the remainder of your outfit.

Monochrome styling 

If you are blessed with more width than you want, it makes more sense to add height. This doesn’t mean you have to wear heels. Instead, you give the optical illusion of a longer, thinner body with the help of wearing only one hue. 

Your top and bottom portions melt into one another; the eye is attracted up and down, not across. 

V-neck shirts 

Many today still consider Henly shirts unfashionable. However, they make a great addition to a large man’s wardrobe because they elongate and widen the shoulders. 

Without having any of the dude vibes of the V-neck, it turns bulk into muscle.

Tapered pants

A big man’s wardrobe isn’t complete without tapered trousers. 

Very skinny or slim-fit trousers will cling and bunch over wider legs. Find a pair of trousers that taper into your ankle but leave some space around your thighs. 

Fashion essentials for plus-size men thrive on working with clothing pieces that are simple and well put together.

It would help if you remembered that accessories should match the wearer’s size regarding accessorizing. The accessories get bigger the bigger the man is. 

As a man with broad wrists, wearing a watch or ring with a wider strap is only fitting. The same goes for other pieces. Always go for oversized scarves, big ties, and thick ties.

Most of all, it’s important to internalize that you can be fashionable, regardless of your size. Take in all these tips, put a pep in your step, and know that as long as you’re putting it on, you’re pulling it off. 


Taiwo Hassan is a lifestyle & culture writer at Modaculture.

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