Lagos fashion week 2021


On day 3 of Lagos Fashion Week on Friday, October 29, 2021, the fashion show’s experience tent went live, featuring interactive booths from partners: Heineken, NEPC, OPPO, Lush Hair, Austrian Lace, Medbury Health Services, TECNO, SWAP Shop. Also for the day 3, physical runway shows returned with all the runway and street style energy. Niuku, Elfreda, ASSIAN, Elie Kuame, Kiko Romeo, Adara Foundation, Gozel Green, Austrian Lace, Maxivive, Eki Silk, Ugo Monye, Bridget Awosika and Studio 189 all showcased their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. See select images from some of the designers who showcased their collections. ASSIAN AUSTRIAN LACE BRIDGET AWOSIKA EKI ELFREDA ELIE KUAME GOZEL GREEN KIKO ROMEO MAXI VIVE NIUKU STUDIO 189 UGO MONYE

To kick off the Lagos Fashion Week which is themed Future of Fashion, the fashion show’s organizers engaged some designers Cynthia Abila, Pepperow, Studio IMO, Elfreda, Maliko, TJ Who, Babayo, GETO, and Vicnate, alongside their muses Angel Obasi, Saleema, Deola Adebiyi, Wole Babalola, and Abiola Sonaike. They spoke on their imaginings on the Future of Fashion in Africa.  The Future of Fashion to me means smart production/consumption, sustainability, innovation and technology.- Omafume Niemogha The Future of Fashion to me is inclusivity; Everyone gets a seat at the table.- Samatha Adebayo The Future of Fashion is in the metaverse for me, a confluence of physical and virtual fashion.Edwin Okolo The Future of Fashion is wearable technology: Smart and intelligent textiles/footwear and garments are fast becoming the new innovation.- Cynthia Abila #TheFutureStartsNow is the defining theme for this year’s edition which speaks to the need for a global fashion industry that preserves…