MC! Techie: Best Quality Budget True-Wireless Headphones

Looking for wireless headphones with great sound that cost a lot less? Look no further.
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Not too long ago, if you wanted a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you’d have to spend a good amount of money. Now that headphone jacks are getting less common on phones and Bluetooth headphones are becoming the norm, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent pair of wireless in-ears. Wireless headphones give you the freedom of not requiring wires, making them more portable and easier to toss into a pocket or bag.

Here are some truly wireless budget models worth considering;

Haylou GT1 Plus

Best-sounding Budget True-Wireless Headphones
Haylou GT1 Plus | Credit: Haylou

The GT1 Plus was one of the first cheap TWS buds to feature Qualcomm’s QC3020 chip. It has a very good bass, and also high and lows. it’s one of the best in class and offers some sort of Dual Mode and aptX HD compatibility. The Haylou GT1 Plus offers excellent battery life of about six hours of usage on a full charge; on par with the second-gen AirPods and Pixel Buds. Charging is quick, and the case offers about three extra full charges. The GT1 plus costs around $25.

Tribit FlyBuds

Best-sounding Budget True-Wireless Headphones
Tribit FlyBuds | Credit: Tribit

Those who want great-sounding buds and extended playtime for at least a month’s worth of use before recharging will want to put the FlyBuds 3 on their radar. Audio is clean and impactful, keeping bass levels energetic and balanced for vocals to shine. They also serve as sport headphones with IPX7 waterproof coating and multiple fins and tips to accommodate different ear shapes. The charging case can even be used as a portable charger, allowing you to juice up any USB-C devices on the go, something Android fans will appreciate. The Tribit FlyBuds costs around $40.

Note: If you’re thinking of using these for exercise, feel comforted knowing that Tribit offers an 18-month replacement warranty for the product.

Taotronics SoundLiberty 79

Best-sounding Budget True-Wireless Headphones
Taotronics SoundLiberty 79 | Taotronics

For their price, these true wireless earbuds from TaoTronics offer better sound and battery life than you might expect. Mids are crisp and bass reproduction is more impactful than the AirPods Pro. TaoTronics claims to offer 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, although, in reality, it’s closer to 7 hours. That’s still more generous than other models on this list of best cheap wireless earbuds, not including the 32 hours provided by the charging case. Bluetooth holds up strong too, and grants users close to 100 feet of wireless listening.

The biggest knock we have against these buds is the setup, which is frustrating right out of the box. TaoTronics’ instructions aren’t very clear, so you’ll have to apply your troubleshooting skills to connect them to an audio source. Once established, the SoundLiberty 79 overachieves, solidifying its place on our best cheap wireless earbuds list. They cost $40.

Enacfire E60

Enacfire E60 | Credit: Enacfire

Enacfire E60 is a surprise hit that deserves your full, undivided attention. Lots of high-powered specs were stuffed into these sporty wireless earbuds, from Bluetooth 5.0 to a Qualcomm chip for advanced sound. Expect some steady bass thump when playing your workout playlists, along with functional smart controls that let you manage playback, volume, and virtual assistant support. Battery life is lengthy with a single charge generating 8 hours of playtime, while the compact charging case houses an extra 40 hours. It’s also cool that the company gives owners a 2-year warranty with the purchase.

Aukey EP-N5

Aukey EP-N5 | Aukey

The Aukey EP-N5 is the closest thing you can get to the AirPods Pro for under $50. To call these buds impressive would be an understatement. They deliver punchy bass and separate vocals to produce full, vibrant sound. The low end is amplified when enabling active noise cancellation, which is great for hip-hop and rock songs, but what’s most surprising is how well the feature works. You’ll be able to drown out proximate sounds like chatty neighbors, keyboard clatter, and the humming noise from your AC. The technology won’t silence high-frequency noises like crying babies or police sirens, but for the price, it minimizes a sufficient amount of ambient sound. We’re also pleased with the charging case, which is lighter and holds more power (35 hours) than the AirPods Pro case (24 hours). They cost around $60.

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