The 5 Best Smart Speakers For Your Home

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There are dozens of smart speakers on the market, and picking the best one keeps getting tougher.

It’s even trickier finding the right option, you’d need to decide which speaker has features most important to you; music quality, which voice assistant you prefer, does the speaker need to connect to your other smart home gadgets and if it can?

Today we review the best multi-functional smart speakers and their features to help you make the right choice.

Here’s a list of the best smart speakers you can own;

Sonos One

The 5 Best Smart Speakers For Your Home
Credit: Sonos

The Sonos One allows you to pair two units to play stereo sound or multiroom audio, but even a single speaker sounds awesome playing a wide variety of music genres and it costs significantly less than other smart speakers with premium sound quality such as the Google Home Max and the Apple HomePod.

There are some minor drawbacks: No Bluetooth means that Android devices must use the Sonos app, and you can’t take the Sonos One away from your home’s Wi-Fi network and still use it as a wireless speaker. Unlike the older Sonos Play:1 — on which the Sonos One is based — there’s no speaker mounting hole. But overall, it’s a great smart speaker to have. It costs $199.

Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

The 5 Best Smart Speakers For Your Home
Credit: Amazon

Amazon’s latest Echo speaker brings the same bold bass and wide soundstage as the previous model, but with more 360-degree room-filling sound than ever before.

Amazon’s Echo is in its fourth generation — offering a balance of rich audio performance with the intelligence of Alexa behind it. When it comes to music, it certainly is an upgrade versus the Echo Dot, since it’s packing a 3-inch woofer and dual front-firing 0.8-inch tweeters. And that’s all in a brand new, spherical design.

Google Nest Audio

Credit: Google

This $99 Google Nest Audio smart speaker offers Google Assistant functionality and clear, detailed sound in an attractive design for a reasonable price.

Like all Google Assistant-powered devices, you can ask the Nest Audio to set timers, play music, or tell you the weather, and you can ask it anything you’d search on Google. The Google Home app makes it easy to pair up the speakers with any other Google-friendly smart devices you have too.

Apple HomePod

Credit: Apple

The HomePod excels as a high-quality smart speaker for listening to Apple Music, but trails behind Amazon and Google when it comes to voice control.

Thanks to Siri, you can also use an Apple HomePod to control your smart home products with the sound of your voice, ask for help as you would with the other smart speakers and answer phone calls coming to your iPhone.

Bose Home Speaker 300

The 5 Best Smart Speakers For Your Home
Credit: Bose

This $199 Bose Home Speaker 300 offers Alexa and Google Assistant voice control in a small, powerful package. It comes packed with powerful audio output with rich bass depth and sculpted, crisp highs and also Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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