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Choosing Ease & Realism: Mawuli Gavor for MC! Magazine April – June 2021 Issue| Download

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For MC! Magazine April – June 2021 issue, Actor Mawuli Gavor owns the cover story as he discusses a range of topics spanning across success, financial stability, marriage, toxic masculinity, grooming, LGBTQ+, Big Brother Naija housemates, the journey of the film industry in Nigeria, and his proclivity for a private and scandal-free life.

He is quite the prodigy. As a boy, he had already learnt to play musical instruments like drums and the piano. He learnt to play the guitar on YouTube! He tells us that he had “a pretty decent childhood, all things considered. I was fortunate enough to have a family that did everything possible to make that happen.” 

With Nollywood growing beyond home videos and evolving into a world class industry; Gavor’s brilliant style of expressing his art becomes more evident and gets even better overtime.

Within a few years, the movie industry has seen him churn out great roles effortlessly. Each role he plays seems like second nature to him. His fluidity in becoming a distinct character is what sets him higher than his contemporaries in the industry. From movies like “The Eve”, “Treachery”, “In Sickness And In Health”, “Two Weeks In Lagos”, “Chief Daddy” and “Sugar Rush”  and to the Telenovela ” Hush”, and the web series ” Rumor Has It” ; Gavor has stamped a strong and enduring presence in our hearts and screens.

This is a man in control with all the attributes that can be seen in an Alpha male. He has been a model and is also an accountant with some years of experience. Being a TV show host for Mnet’s Studio 53 and a brand ambassador of a top liquor label is no mean feat for him. 

Choosing Ease & Realism: Mawuli Gavor for MC! Magazine April - June 2021 Cover Story

The 6ft 2″ Ghanaian-born actor was also raised in the United States from his adolescent years where he bagged a degree in Business Management and Finance. He worked in the financial sector in Ghana before he embarked on his acting career.

MC! Magazine’s Gertrude and Jennifer Nwosu get to peek into his world and quiz him about his life and everything that makes him the Mawuli Gavor.

He is graceful, and enchanting if you may, while sat, literally, on this cover which adopts an excitingly cheerful yet reflective theme, indicative of the magazine’s contrasting messages of intentionality with “choosing ease” , “optimism” and “realism” while approaching the present times.

MC! Magazine, AJ2021

Chatting with Mawuli Gavor is as breezy and simple as it could get, yet candidly revealing. 

With Gavor, there are rarely complexities. He is either filming or in his home enjoying the private and scandal-free life he strives to build for himself, despite the fame. He tells us that, “Hopefully it stays that way. I’m not a saint, but it’s really not that hard though. It is tough to be in trouble when you spend most of your off time at home.” When asked about his love-life, he simply stated that he isn’t married “yet”, although he is, “working on it“.

Beyond his obvious allure owing to internet images of him that show off his toned physique, ivory skin and chiseled facial features; we attempt to unearth the actor’s personality and lifestyle which reek of introversion, humor and solitude. 

The actor would rather spend his time, “Working out and eating small chops, Watching football games during the day and watching basketball games at night.

He would rather relax in his home, as opposed to being out every weekend at parties with the boys as was expected of entertainers. His three favourite places in Ghana, where he had his formative years, are “The Volta River, Beaches in Cape Coast, Waterfall in Boti.” For Mawuli Gavor, he has no need for a bucket list as he tells us that, “I’m not sure I’ve ever actually made a bucket list to be honest“; and he enjoys collecting, “Sand and Corals from different islands around the world.

On success as a core desire in life, we ask the actor for his realistic definition. He says success is, 

When you’ve attained the goals and objectives you’ve set out for yourself.

Mawuli Gavor

We also seek his views on sexuality especially with the unending social conversations in Nigeria bordering on the human rights of the LGBTQ+ community. He perceptively tells MC! Magazine that, “I have enough concerns of my own. What someone does in their private/personal life can’t be one of them”.

Choosing Ease & Realism: Mawuli Gavor for MC! Magazine April - June 2021 Cover Story

Discussing toxic masculinity and what the next steps are towards dismantling it, Mawuli Gavor says, 

At some point, we’ll all have to admit the reality/existence of toxic masculinity. Pointing the finger at who is to blame for the way things are, is purposeless right now. The only thing we can do is to acknowledge the mistakes we’ve made (both men and women) in recreating the society we live in now and attempt to remedy them whenever possible.

Mawuli Gavor

Touching on the topic of the Big Brother Naija reality show, we quizzed him on his favourite 2020 housemate to which he replied, “I don’t watch the show enough to have a favorite. From what I know they were all pretty great contestants.” We fish around to find out his favourite from the 2019 edition of the show and he gives the same response, “Honestly, it’s the same as 2020. I don’t watch the show enough to have a favourite contestant.” At this point, we let sleeping dogs lie.

Read the rest of the interview below:

On His Work and the Future of the Film Industry in Nigeria

What is acting to you?
To me, it is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. 

What has changed about your perception of the movie industry from inception till now?
I can’t say my perception has changed too much . I’ve always had massive respect for the work done in the industry before my time. If anything, being in the industry only deepened that respect, because the people who fought to get us here made some pretty incredible sacrifices.

What actors did you look up to?
Too many to mention if I’m being honest. Almost all the veteran African actors are my heroes in one way or the other.

Is there a film that has stayed with you, making a profound impression?
Yes! For African film, it would be DeadlyVoyage. For a foreign film, Hollywood precisely, it’s theShawshank Redemption.

You are an inspiration to a lot of people. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to venture into this field and please, any tips for multi-tasking?

If you are going to believe in yourself believe in yourself. There is no middle ground and no room for doubt. Win or lose, believe in yourself and give it a shot. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. If it does not, you will not be the first person in the world to fail. You certainly will not be the last. 

Mawuli Gavor

Netflix has taken quite a huge interest in African film content, what do you think this means for the future of the industry?

It has always been inevitable that attention would come Africa’s way. We have always had the talent and the ability to improve. It is simply a matter of time. We are fully capable of seizing the opportunities presented to us and making a lasting legacy for the continent. 

Mawuli Gavor

On Everything in between…

Choosing Ease & Realism: Mawuli Gavor for MC! Magazine April - June 2021 Cover Story

What does financial freedom mean to you?
To me, it is all about being able to handle the important things in life without compromise. 

What would you say are your core values in life?
Basically, I would say love for God, family and respect for others regardless of their views/beliefs. 

An advice you would give to a younger version of you?
Enjoy the journey. Life will always be stressful.

What do you do to stay in shape?
I do workout at least three times a week also, I maintain a sustainable healthy diet.

What is your ideal skincare routine?
Taking a wash at least twice daily; find a skin product that works well with your skin. 

Top grooming tips?
I would say moisturize, invest in skincare and be sure to get regular trims. You just have to make the efforts to look good always.

Your Favorite food and drink?
Fried Plantain and orange Juice. Don’t ask (Laughs)

Your go-to-outfit?
Probably a soccer jersey and sweatpants. 

What three songs you are listening to at the moment?
Focus – Joeboy, Running to You- Chike, 1Gad- Stonebwoy. 

Do you have any secret talents hidden in your goody bag?
Does being an expert at killing mosquitoes count?

You have definitely got jokes !! So, what’s a good book to read before bedtime?
Any Robert Ludlum novel is always a go-to. 

Do you collect anything?
Sand/Corals from different beaches/islands around the world. 

What’s that one mantra you swear by?
Jah Guide. Always!

Choosing Ease & Realism: Mawuli Gavor for MC! Magazine April - June 2021 Cover Story
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Cover Story Credits
Words: Gertrude and Jennifer Nwosu
Creative Direction: Adedayo Eweje 
Styling: Mawuli Gavor
Photography: Sope Adelaja
Designer: David Wej
Magazine: MC! Magazine Nigeria


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