For men who have Man Boobs (moobs we call them) and are seeking ways to help you keep them in better shape, we have got you covered. Medically known as gynecomastia, it’s a problem that half of the menfolk in the world face. The good news is that it is avoidable with some tweaks to hormonal imbalance and a few exercises, you’ll be rock hard on your torso in no time. 

These are few tips to keep in mind for your workout:

  • Lose Fat: Moobs are caused by excess production of oestrogen in men. What this means is that hormonal imbalance causes the production of female breast hormones in men; and excess body fat aggravates this underlying condition. You can lose the fat by running, brisk walking, walking a treadmill, cutting out a diet of processed foods and resisting the temptation to overeat.
  •  Kick The Bottle: Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. Besides, it is as bad as excess dietary fat. Drinking never did much good. So, you may want to consider cutting down on alcoholic drinks.
  • Romance the Bench: Bench presses definitely help sculpt the moobs to solid muscle.
  • Right Nutrition: Eat well, plan your diet to be more inclusive of fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat baby portions, nibble at your food or starve yourself. A balanced diet is vital to harnessing those moobs to rock hard torso.

Here is a Workout Routine You May Want to Try Out:

  • Plyometric Press-ups: 3 sets of high weight, low volume. Each set should be performed with an emphasis on generating as much force as possible (Force = weight × speed).
  • 5 Sets of 5 Repetitions: Each set should be performed with an emphasis on strength and smooth form.
  • Dumbbell Flyes: 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Each set should be performed with an emphasis on volume( repetitions) and workload.
  • Close grip press ups/Bench Press: 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Each set should be performed with an emphasis on volume(repetitions) and workload. For this final position and exercise, it is best to change your hand position and grip.

As a general rule of thumb, the wider your hands are apart, the more you engage your chest muscles. The closer they are together, the more you engage the muscles of the triceps( back of the arm). With the proper nutrition, a twice-weekly work out; watch your moobs turn to the perfect, sculpted torso.

Also, note that this does not mean you shouldn’t engage the services of a personal trainer eventually. You should get one for professional guidance.

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