The Ultimate Men’s Lifestyle Essentials for Every Stylish & Classy Gentleman’s Closet

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Moda Culture Style Contributor, Chief Ozic shares some men’s lifestyle essentials to keep you ever stylish and classy.

Whether fashionable or not, nothing sells more interestingly than a stylish man who knows his onions and has a coordinated compass for putting wardrobe staples together no matter the degree of the stylishness.

Providence Ozichukwu {Chief Ozic}

As they say, “dress how you’d want to be addressed”, and it does carry the full essence of this exposition. 

You’d agree with me that there are some items you can’t do without as a man whether looking to create a good first impression on a date, job interview, friendly hangs and chills, or just about your daily rounds.

These items or must-haves will now be listed below in no particular order.

Made to Measure White Shirt:

First, a fitted white shirt, as It’s almost impossible to pivot life’s affairs without one, Lol!. Plus, it’s easy to tweak and literally dabbles effortlessly on and with every colour and everything.

A Pair of Denim Jeans

Its usefulness cannot be overstated as it’s in fact almost impossible for anyone to claim not to own one. There’s a popular saying,” You never go wrong in a pair of Denim Jeans”. Yeah! I’m a sayings guy.

Also, if your job includes steady locomotion, like jumping schedules and meetings or making several stops all at once, then you know a pair of denim jeans is the perfect fit to do the trick. Alright, enough said about this already, let’s move on to the next, Lol.

Colognes and Deodorants, Bro!:

Again, colognes and deodorant !!! Now the importance of always throwing on a nice cologne or deodorant into your travel pack cannot be overemphasized. Legend has it that a man is known by his scent even from meters away. Another one huh?!

Now Imagine not wearing one, that’s almost like a tasteless tall glass of wine, it’s definitely incomplete if you ask me. Plus, trust me, you don’t want to walk about causing nasal discomforts to passer-byes or co-space users. That isn’t a good memory to hold of anyone.


Lastly, the “right” accessories are worth including to project any look and even though a lot of people have several reservations or preferences when it comes to accessorizing, the fact still remains that you can’t do without them.

Imagine having to go into the sun without a pair of shades. Or a hat or face cap to save your face from the scorching sun.

Or mufflers to shield you from the cold in the winter.

I could go on and on. Apparently, these accessories are more of aids than just elegance-prop, thus occupying a secluded genre of need in every man’s wardrobe whether or not for stylish reasons. You dig, bro?

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