Imad Eduso’s ‘Atunbi’ Collection is Encouraging Modern Women to Take on New Forms

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Imad Eduso, one of Nigeria’s most sought-after womenswear brands, debuted its latest collection titled ‘ATUNBI’ earlier on April 24 2022 at its flagship store located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Following the event, the brand has now released official images of the stunning collection.

The brand’s new collection encapsulates its new journey and direction, aptly titled ATUNBI – the Yoruba word for “Rebirth”. As the world adapts to its new normal, so has the Imad Eduso woman. The brand is showcasing its new direction in a three-part series – with ATUNBI being its latest and second instalment.

The Imad Eduso woman is exiting her comfort zone and exploring new frontiers – she now expresses herself with new textures and contrast of vibrant colours whilst staying true to the brand’s DNA of poise, structure and elegance.

Dami Olukoya, Creative Director, Imad Eduso

Creative Director Dami Olukoya beautifully describes ATUNBI as “a personal journey of Self Rediscovery and exploration of life, living intentionally with less self-critique.”

The ATUNBI collection was created with rediscovery in mind, moving from self-critique to self-promotion and allowing oneself to take up space. This collection desires to encourage the modern woman to leave the confinements of normality and boldly take on new forms, experiences and challenges.

The seven-piece presentation served as an ode to growth, renewal and a pleasant breath of fresh air.

ATUNBI signifies rebirth, renewal and revival.

The collection is available to shop now on Imad Eduso’s website.

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