MC Industry’s Next: A Quick Chat with Emerging Artiste Denle

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MC Industry’s Next: A Quick Chat with Emerging Artiste Denle
Denle, Modaculture Digital, February 2023

Adenle “Denle” Praise Adedoyin is an AfroPop/AfroSoul singer-songwriter.

As a singer, Denle does not entirely box herself into genres as she believes that “music is an expression that can be done in whatever way, and she “could sing to anything that has a beat and rhythm to it.

She started singing in her teenage years, as early as twelve; she always enjoyed being a part of the children’s choir in church, and then she moved on to being part of the main choir. Denle grew up in the bubbling and peaceful town of Ilorin, Kwara state and studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Landmark University before coming to Lagos to chase the dream.

Although she is new to the game, she is a young talent that would catch your attention as soon as you give her a listen. So far in her green career, she has released an Extended Play, “Sanity”. She also featured in the Hennessy VS class EP where she recorded a song with Vector and Laudreyes, the VS Class’ female winner. Denle’s latest music projects are “Energy” from the VS Class Ep and an audio-visual collaborative project with producer PapiGunzo, “SELAH”.

She enjoys writing music and singing songs. “Music, to me, is a safe space and haven”, she says. Her personality, she tells us, is that of introversion as she very much loves her space and her bedroom. “Once I’ve got my laptop and I’m watching Kdrama and I have got a novel to read, I wouldn’t step out all day except she I have to work or record music.

MC Industry’s Next: A Quick Chat with Emerging Artiste Denle
Denle, Modaculture Digital, February 2023

The rising star tells us she draws music influences from Angelique Kidijo, Adele, Lana Del Rey, and BTS, and is very much interested in impacting lives through music.

“My interest is actually to impact people with my songs, knowing that my songs actually make someone smile, make someone feel better, make someone feel loved, make someone feel understood, and then make someone feel like they are not alone and they actually have a safe space here.”

Denle, Modaculture Digital, February 2023

For the Modaculture Digital February issue’s Industry’s Next, we chat with the emerging artiste about music, the future and life.

Modaculture: When did you discover your love for music?

Denle: “I found love in music as a teenager, in my early teens. I wrote my first song at 13. I always would watch musicals. I fell in love with the sound of music and Hanna Montanna and would stay so glued to watching them a gazillion times. Nothing made me happier.”

Modaculture: How does music make you feel?

Happy and Therapeutic. Music is my safe place.

Modaculture: Where do you draw inspiration for your songs?

From everything around me. But mostly from my stories and personal experiences.

Modaculture: Biggest Challenge as an Emerging Recording Artist?

Honestly, the biggest challenge will be getting your song out there as an upcoming artiste. It’s a fight to be seen, taken seriously, and recognised.

Modaculture: What do you think young artists like yourself can do to accelerate their careers?

Keep putting in the work, believe in yourself even when it does not make sense, pray and keep your eyes on God, not man.”

Modaculture: The industry players play a significant role in this. In what ways do you think they can help pave the way for younger artistes?

Give them platforms; an opportunity to show their art. Support them.

MC Industry’s Next: A Quick Chat with Emerging Artiste Denle
Denle, Modaculture Digital, February 2023

Modaculture: We are curious, have you got other passions aside from the obvious one, music?

I love scriptwriting and Brand Management. I do that in my spare time.

Modaculture: So, what drives you in life?

My desire is to make a difference in someone’s life and my family.

Modaculture: And what is that one mantra you swear by?

If I think, I believe it, I can be it.

Modaculture: What is the dream, really?

“My dream and goal in life is to impact people with my music, which will make me happy and fulfilled knowing that I made someone feel good.”

This interview with Denle was originally published in Modaculture Digital’s February 2023 issue. Get a copy here to read the full piece.

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Gertrude O. is the Editor-in-Chief at Modaculture.

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