When thinking back on 2020, memories are tinged with ambivalence that the news of palliatives being stockpiled couldn’t even begin to fix.

But amidst all that, something was happening that not many people had an explanation for; vendors of sex toys were running out of toys. An article published by the Premium Times in April 2020 stated: “In most online stores where sex toys are sold, the items are either in short supply or sold out.” While a lot was going wrong with the world, sex toys were flying off the shelves faster than people could learn the correct pronunciation of COVID. 

But would you blame them? 

When sex toys first made their debut in the world, it was met with resignation from a ton of people, especially the men who felt like alas, like all the robots-taking-over-the-world flicks privy to us, machines were coming to replace them. Some women, on the other hand, loved it instantly because it did something not many men can do for women; give them orgasms. Data from a 2014 survey on women’s sexual health performed by an internet marketing firm, Columinate, in collaboration with Durex, show that not even 50% of women reach climax, and those who do are not only dissatisfied with their sex life but also have “worrying” low self-esteem. What some men fail to understand, is that sex is a team sport, and the reward of it is orgasm from both parties. But because the terrain for females to achieve orgasms is an arduous one, the climax rate in men is far higher than in women hence the need for sex toys. Certain human limitations hinder men from being able to perform as a toy would like; cramps, phallus size, sexual inexperience, etc. 

No human can flick his finger as fast as a bullet vibrator, nor can any human suck or lick with as much power or frequency as a suction toy.

 See where I’m going with this? Being on the side that doesn’t welcome sex toys to the bedroom is detrimental to your sex life and relationship because it takes that boring sex and riddles it with something your relationship (s) immensely lacked; toe-curling, eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head, spine-chilling, body-contouring orgasms for both parties. 

That said, allow us to bring to your attention, some toys for women and men that would change your sex life.

Here are four of the best sex toys for women

  • LELO Soraya 2 Rabbit Vibrator 
Four of the Best Sex Toys For Women & Men
Image: Lelo

A rabbit vibrator is always the right choice for your first toy and the Soraya is, in all senses of the word, a luxe option. It offers dual stimulation with vibrations directed both at your clitoral region and your insides. You’re getting a two-for-one deal with the rabbit. Depending on your preference, you can pleasure yourself independently or at the same time.

  • LELO Deep Rose Enigma 
Four of the Best Sex Toys For Women & Men
Image: LELO

You can thrill your G-spot and clitoris at the same time with this innovative vibrator from upscale manufacturer LELO. A lovely clit-sucking head is featured, but it is also equipped with a vibrating internal arm and is completely flexible and ergonomic.

  • Lovehoney Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator 
Four of the Best Sex Toys For Women & Men
Image: Lovehoney

These types of toys are well-known for their powerful orgasms (they’re serious pieces of kit! ), but their prices can often be steep. For beginners and anyone interested in trying something more intense, this Lovehoney wand is an affordable choice.

  • Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator 
Four of the Best Sex Toys For Women & Men
Image: Lovehoney

You’ll certainly have a lot of fun working through the 17 patterns and three speeds the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator offers. It might seem like such a small toy but it packs an orgasmic punch. It also isn’t restricted to women alone as some men seem to enjoy it.

Despite the way that Africans tend to act timid and reserved when the topic of sex is brought up, it is an essential component of existence. And when it’s done incorrectly, the “un-orgasmed” party is disappointed. When it comes to coitus, some men are often rather egotistical. The pleasures of women are disregarded and set aside, much like what is done to the seed of a recently consumed fruit. She may have enjoyed it since it involved sex, but it doesn’t mean she reached a sexual climax or felt satisfied in that way. Contrary to what porn propagates, not every woman orgasms from penetration alone. Others require clitoral stimulation to climax, while some do not. Learn what functions best for you or your partner. Some guys even go so far as to purchase sex toys to use on their partner (s), putting her enjoyment first. And yes, we know how it looks if you go see a guy and he pulls out a bullet (vibrator)  to use it on you. Although consenting to it seems hazardous because you don’t know where it has been, at least his heart and head are in the right place.

For men

As for men, there are also certain toys that they can use as well to satisfy themselves or help them enjoy sex more. One of those accessories that would increase your enjoyment of sex is a penis ring. They assist you in resolving your erection-related issues, whether they are obtaining or retaining them, and they also make you last longer so that you can assist your partner in reaching their climax.

Image: The Je Joue Mio by Lelo

The Je Joue Mio by Lelo is one of the best-vibrating penis rings on the market. There are also masturbating sleeves and anal beads available on the market for men as well. 

Whichever toy you prefer, our advice is that you get it and prioritise your pleasure. If you already own a few, feel more than welcome to share them with us.

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Tilewa Kazeem is a contributing sex and relationships writer at Modaculture.

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