7 Nutritional Habits to Boost Gains

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Following a workout plan is tough but it doesn’t compare to the mental aptitude required when following a diet guide. A self-acclaimed ‘fitness coach’ would instruct you to have both covered.


Well, what if you don’t have to? It’s absolutely right to follow both especially if you have real issues with fat; I adjoin you to definitely step up your game. However, it is often unrealistic to stick to a diet plan for a long time, unless the plan is a ‘balanced diet’. Irrespective of where you are on your journey, these seven habits are a sure bet to help you maintain your workout gains and diet plan, or scale through a workout journey without a rigid diet plan.

7 Nutritional Habits to Boost  Gains
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As you acquire the habit of exercising, these habits work as ‘add-ons’ to boost your gains.

  • Prepare Your Own Meals: The sure way to eat healthy is by preparing your own meals, even if you would have to cheat or snack, do so at home with home cooked ‘snack recipes’. If you follow a healthy recipe guide, you’d have all the fun with plantain chips or pop-corn without growing your calorie bank. Cook for your entire week and stock up so you’d never have to take out.
  • Track Your Food Intake: So you’ve cooked up for the entire week, How do you know what’s right for each meal? While portion guides may seem too critical, using helpful apps like Fitbit or Myfitnesspal can give you an idea of the calorie count in each meal measured in cups or grams. Your daily target should start at 1200 cal to 1800 cal for a weight loss goal. You’d be surprised as to what you’ve consumed on each day after filling out your diary.
  • Eat Slowly: Most high calorie foods have a high value for absorption rate. It is in fact the one of the reasons they have been assigned higher calories. The absorption rate for most foods change when consumed with other foods. How they are prepared and served can also affect this rate. As a general rule, liquids or semi-solid foods have a higher absorption rate than solid foods. Eating slowly helps reduce the total calories consumed overall when foods with high absorption rates are consumed. By eating slowly, you afford your stomach some time to signal your brain. This signal is received when you begin to fill full which happens in 20 minutes.
  • Eat Until 80% Full: How do you know when you are full? For most people, when they can no longer eat or when they full stuffed. Feeling stuffy is a sign that you’ve already over eaten. It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain about you feeling full. If you eat too fast, you’d probably end up eating too much. By tracking your meal intake or following portion guides, eating slowly and sipping water in-between bites. You can achieve a partial filling , about 80% which is ideal to avoid excesses.
  • Drink Only Zero Calorie Drinks:The best drink ever is water. Drinking water in-between bites during your meal would help prevent excess consumption. Also, since fluids have higher absorption rates, it would be wise to look out for zero calorie drinks . You can check the calorie count of any drink on myfitnesspal or Fitbit .
  • Abstain From Alcohol: I already mentioned ‘drinks’ but oh no I had to highlight alcohol. Whether you follow a diet plan or not , most likely, alcohol would negate everything you are trying to accomplish on your journey. Avoid this ‘sweet-evil’ in a bottle, thank me later.
  • Practice Intermittent Fasting: The last but absolutely not the least. Intermittent fasting is a very important habit to have if you want to achieve some level of fitness. You should have a 12-14 hour gap from your dinner to the next breakfast. This can only be achieved if you have an early diner. Which is why it has been preached that one shouldn’t have dinner after 8pm.

There you go!

7 Nutritional Habits to Boost  Gains
Source: unsplash.com

The conclusion is this, whether you hit the gym or try to stay fit , whether you follow a diet plan or not; these habits would absolutely have a positive effect on your overall health.

Try building these habits daily, taking it all a step at a time!

This article, “7 Nutritional Habits that Would Boost Your Gains”, was written by Barituka Agava for MC! Magazine and published in its July to Sept. 2020 issue.


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