Rayo Shines With Endearing New Single & Video, ‘Aliyah’

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Rayo Shines With Endearing New Single & Video, 'Aliyah'

Rising Congolese singer and songwriter, Rayo, has unveiled his latest single “Aliyah” under the newly established label KSound. Released globally on April 28, the single boasts a captivating combination of Rayo’s powerful and dreamy vocals, endearing lyrics, and a message of love and appreciation. 

Alongside the launch of his latest release, Rayo has also unveiled a music video that exemplifies his unwavering passion for music and his African heritage. Rayo skillfully blends various genres, including rumba, soukous, and afrobeats, to create a unique sound that reflects his cultural roots. Additionally, his musical style draws inspiration from American, London, and French music, adding a further dimension to his artistic approach. The accompanying video is a stunning visual representation of Rayo’s musical vision, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft.

Rayo Shines With Endearing New Single & Video, 'Aliyah'

Commenting on the new single, Rayo says: “Aliyah is a therapy for hearts, and a delight for ears.” In “Aliyah,” the singer testifies to his love for his companion, reassuring her in spite of any challenges that may arise. He flatters her ego by placing her on a pedestal and radiates love through his music, which he attributes to his upbringing by his wonderful mother. Rayo’s approach to music is to transmit emotions through his melodies, which is evident in ‘Aliyah,'” an anthem for all lovers who want to flatter their companion’s ego or make beautiful promises.

Rayo’s taste for music dates back to his childhood, but his passion for music took a turn in 2015 when he joined a rap group called Nation in college. Fate eventually led Rayo to pursue a solo music career, and he signed with KSound in 2022 to take his career to the next level. With his new label’s support, Rayo took the time to hone his art, writing, singing, and performing before releasing “Aliyah” to the world. Rayo’s music is a unique blend of African and Western influences, making him one to watch in the music industry.

Listen to ‘Aliyah’ here.

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