Met Gala 2023: Here’s a Roundup of the Best-Dressed Looks

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The first May of every year is always a day that quakes the world of fashion. It is a day that great stylists and designers showcase their creativity and unique design on their muses (mostly on artists, actors, actresses, influencers and models). The Met Gala 2023 was a great one this year as the theme was focused on honouring one of fashion’s greatest icons: “Karl Lagerfeld.” 

Karl Lagerfeld was an inspiration to many and was the top creative director at Chanel. He has constructed in a creative way different designs that have become a cultural reset in the fashion world and it is really beautiful he left a legacy behind for other designers and stylists to hold on to. The Met Gala 2023 was a shutdown and many came wearing his inspiration from other brands and houses of designs. 

The black community has been a powering force when it comes to fashion and has always graced the Met Gala event with its phenomenal designs. A community full of great and creative stars in music, film, influencing, sports, etc. They always come with a bang and it is something to anticipate. Their culture is that which makes them unique and we can see that through the designs they slayed with at the Met Gala 2023. 

Here are our top 10 best-dressed black males

The men of the black community always step out to shine and it’s something we love to see and tell tales about in the future. Here are the top 10 best-dressed males at the Met Gala 2023. 

  • King Pusha T: A rapper, songwriter and producer who came slaying at the Met Gala wearing a custom Thom Browne double-breasted fun mix suit in black and white grosgrain and Satin ribbon tweed with white grosgrain tipping for the 2023 Met Gala. This was designed by “Thom Browne.”
King Pusha T in Thom Browne
  • Diddy: A talented singer, writer and exceptional producer. One of the richest and pure black artists that has influenced and given so much to the black community for the culture. Diddy’s outfit was designed and sketched by “Sean John.” It was styled by “June Ambrose.” In a caption, June wrote on Instagram regarding the outfit, “Black is king, it is an honor to collaborate with you on Sean John couture.” “We understood the assignment.” 
Diddy in Sean John
  • Usher: Usher is one great R&B singer, songwriter and dancer. He is a great influence on the black culture. Usher pulled up to the Met Gala wearing the crop suit jacket, black-sleeved accessories, white less shirt and pen trousers paired with gloves. Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite accessory. They were all made with 100% gabardine wool. 
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
  • Brian Tyree Henry: A talented actor who has been on our screens lately and is a great centre influence for the black culture community. “This is Karl Lagerfeld,” Brian told Variety while rocking a black cape with exaggerated ruffles. “I did a little collaboration with them from his 2016–17 bridal collection.” “I just wanted to mix things up and show another side. It’s a part of who we are. We’re all flavours. We can be all things.” “I feel like that’s the way that fashion should lean: to be who you are, show who you are, and sow all the flavours you got. And that’s what we did.”
Brian Tyree Henry
  • Labrinth: One with the voice that touches the soul. Labrinth is a great artist and songwriter that has been moving waves in the music industry and the black community. This is his first Met Gala appearance and he was styled in a red jacket, trousers and oversized shirt, black silk faille tie and black nappa leather gloves, and a long red crepe couture caped designed by @pppiccioli of “Maison Valentino.” 
Labrinth in Maison Valentino
  • Jeremy Pope: A phenomenal actor and singer that has graced our screens for a long time. He has been nominated for top awards and always comes hot at the Met Gala event. Jeremy Pope wows in a custom Karl-inspired cape and flared pants by Balmain for the 2023 Met Gala. The long floral embroidered cape features a 10-Meter train and a hand-drawn illustration of Karl Lagerfeld. This was styled by “Ugo Mozie” for “Balmain.” 
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Jeremy Pope in Balmain
  • Oliver Rousteing: A great creative director for Balmain who made an appearance with a Balmain outfit and a “Karl who bag?” accessory. This bag has been seen with Karl Lagerfeld with that same description but in a different design. Oliver paid his homage to Karl Lagerfeld with Balmain. 
Oliver Rousteing In Balmain
  • A$AP Rocky: A talented rapper and a great dad. Asap Rocky is a great artist and one who is so creative in his music. He is a great influence and this year he attended the Met Gala with Rihanna. A$AP Rocky is wearing a custom Gucci look with a long tartan skirt over embroidered denim pants. He completed his look with a selection of belts and a pair of Gucci eyewear. 
A$AP Rocky in Gucci
  • Idris Elba: This is one of the prominent great actors in the black community and a huge influence on black culture. Idris Elba is someone who has been involving himself in things that will set a great standard for the black community. Idris Elba was wearing a custom suit by “Gucci.” 
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Idris Elba in Gucci
  • Burna Boy: The Nigerian “African Giant” is a great singer and songwriter who has been recognised globally. Burna Boy was in full “Burberry” and was styled by his sister Ronami Ogulu, and Daniel Lee.
Burna Boy in Burberry

Other black male celebrities who graced the event with beautiful designs are Stormzy, Skepta, Lil Nas x, Dwayne Wade, etc. 

Top 10 best-dressed black females at the Met Gala

They say, “When it comes to fashion, the women are always on full speed.” This is a true statement and the black celebrities from the black community came prepared this time with some unique as Beyoncé said in her song: “Alien Superstar.” 

  • Halle Bailey: The little mermaid as she is being called till date. Gifted with an angelic voice that gives you peace. Halle Bailey was one of the best dressed at this year’s Met Gala. Bailey in a custom Gucci sequin-embroidered gown and ruffle coat. 
Halle Bailey in Gucci
  • Rihanna: “Mother” as she is being called nowadays. A great mother, a talented singer, a great influence/philanthropist to the black community; and a billionaire. Since before the birth of her first child, Rihanna has been slaying with her first pregnancy and even after, she has been in high prominence. With another child on the way, Rihanna is not holding back from setting those fashion trends with her pregnancy. Rihanna opted for a silk faille dress with a 5-meter train and a silk faille cape with 30 camellias, 500 petals and 25 leaves. It was designed by @pppiccioli of “Maison Valentino.” 
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Rihanna in Maison Valentino
  • Young Miami: A talented artist who graced the Met Gala 2023 for the first time ever came with a bang. Her dress was fully designed by Marnix Marn. 
Young Miami in Marnix Man
  • Teyana Taylor: A talented dancer, singer and actress. She is of great influence on the black community. Teyana Taylor wears a custom Thom Browne backless jacket in hand-woven gold and black bullion, silver badla and a black & white eyelash yarn with lacing detail and a full glove feature. A matching dropped waist skirt, white pique high collar shirt with a black faille tie and black pebble grain camellia bag for the 2923 Met Gala. All were designed and styled by “Thom Browne.”
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Teyana Taylor in Thom Browne
  • Cardi B: A sophisticated and talented rapper and singer. Cardi B has graced the Met Gala thrice and always making a statement each time with her unique design dress. This time around she showcased three at the gala but the main course was served at the end. Cardi B wears a black ball gown with dramatic camellia and matelassé details, yet infused with the stylist’s own signature quilted puffer style. The dress was designed by: “Chen Peng” and was styled by “Kollin Carter.” 
Cardi B in Chen Peng
  • Anok Yai: A top thriving model that has been showcasing her wonderful silk melanin skin in every outfit she has worn for the Met Gala. This year she came with something unique and special from “Prabal Gurung.” 
Anok Yai In Prabal Gurung
  • Janelle Monáe: Janelle is a blessing to the black community. One of the very talented singers and actresses the black community can boost off. She is beautiful and exceptional. Monáe wears a custom Thom Browne oversized fun mix suit in black and white chiffon, eyelash yarn, grosgrain and tulle tweeds with white sequins and pearls, organza frayed edges and 1000 camellia flowers tipped on all layers and a black tweed bikini with pearl strands beneath a black moire skirt with organza inserts tipped with grosgrain and a circular tulle pannier dress with a quilted white pebble grain choupette bag for 2023 Met Gala. All were designed and styled by Thome Browne.
Janelle Monáe in Thom Browne
  • Tems: A prominent singer and songwriter. Tems is super talented and has been internationally recognised amongst all. She is the first female Afrobeats singer to grace the Met Gala 2023. A Nigerian who is influencing the culture of her people and of the black community. She attended the gala with another Afrobeats artist, Burna Boy. Tems wore a custom couture gown, inspired by and a re-interpretation of Karl’s earlier work with contrast tailoring feathers and elegance. Styled by “Dunsin Wright” and fully designed by “Robert Wun.”
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Tems in Robert Wun
  • Lizzo: A super talented artist and CEO of YITTY. Lizzo has been influencing the black community with her shapewear line and music. She’s going places and is one who never misses great events. Lizzo is fully on Chanel as an honour to Karl Lagerfeld. 
Lizzo in Chanel
  • Keke Palmer: The young mum who has been on full throttle in getting back to acting and also creating her own TV show. Keke Palmer was known for her debut movie: “Akeelah and the Bee.” She is a talented star and this year, she wore a Sergio Hudson custom-made tweed, encrusted with over 12,000 hand-embroidered crystals and pearls from @swarovski. 
Keke Palmer in Sergio Hudson

Other black females who were astonishing include Gabriel Union Wade, Adut Akech Bior, Serena Williams, Kerry Washington, Precious Lee, etc. 

Black Couples who slayed together at the Met Gala 2023

Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Young Miami and Diddy
Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha
Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre
Brittney Griner and Cherelle Griner
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Viola Davis and Julius Tennon
Erika Woods and Wendell Pierce
Met Gala 2023: Here's a Roundup of All the Best-Dressed Looks
Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

The Met Gala 2023 was really a phenomenal day for everyone. Designers and stylists came prepared to make a statement in the fashion world. Tems and Burna Boy were the first Afrobeats artists from Nigeria to be at the event. It was truly an experience and they really honoured Karl Lagerfeld.

Next year we await! 

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