Artist Spotlight: Through His Creative Pictures, Photographer Awelewa Charles Is Hitting Great Milestones

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Photography can have different meanings for different photographers, but for many, it is a way to express their artistic vision, capture moments in time, and tell stories through images. Photographers may have a deep passion for their craft and consider it a form of self-expression and a way to connect with the world around them.

For some photographers, photography is a means of communication, allowing them to convey their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through visual storytelling. Others may see photography as a tool for documenting history and culture, preserving memories for future generations.

Artist Spotlight: Through His Creative Pictures, Photographer Awelewa Charles Is Hitting Great Milestones
Awelewa Charles capturing a moment.

Many photographers find joy in the creative process of photography, from planning and composing a shot to editing and refining the final image. They may also appreciate the technical aspects of the craft, such as manipulating light and exposure to achieve their desired results.

Ultimately, the meaning of photography to a photographer is personal and subjective, influenced by their individual experiences, interests, and artistic vision.

How photographer Awelewa Charles is hitting that milestone with his creative works.

To Charles, photography is more of storytelling and he uses this gift to tell a story through the creative pictures he shoots. Awelewa Charles is one young photographer that is pushing the boundaries in photography as a whole. 

Artist Spotlight: Through His Creative Pictures, Photographer Awelewa Charles Is Hitting Great Milestones
Photographer Awelewa Charles

Speaking with Modaculture, he shared his creative process and his love for photography. 

What was your first inspiration for your artistry?

Writing. I started conceptual photography by converting words into pictures.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you became interested in art?

I grew up as a regular kid in Lagos, Nigeria. My first interest in art came from writing. I started as a volunteer writer for a magazine when I was 10 years old. Years later, when writing became dormant due to overwhelming schoolwork, photography became my outlet and slowly resuscitated my writing skills.

Artist Spotlight: Through His Creative Pictures, Photographer Awelewa Charles Is Hitting Great Milestones

How would you describe your artistic style and what themes or subjects inspire you?

I would describe my artistic style as “a walk in my shoes or probably yours.” Best way I can put it.  Everything inspires me, from everyday humans to an abandoned dry plant waiting and hoping to be watered.

What techniques and mediums do you typically use in your work, and why do you prefer them?

I use a camera and colour grade with the Lightroom app. Ps:  (if it’s not solid enough, it can be left out).

Can you walk us through your creative process, from inspiration to finished piece?

My creative process is basically me putting seemingly unrelated pieces of information together to form a masterpiece. My process starts with first seeing, then sketching

“Walking Doors” piece by Awelewa Charles

How do you deal with creative blocks or challenges during your artistic process?

I wouldn’t say I deal with creative blocks because I don’t think I ever run out of ideas, sometimes you just don’t feel like creating or the resources for the pictures aren’t just available yet. 

During this period, I embrace discipline over emotions and create as much bad art as I can till I get myself back. Plus I pray to God too. 

How do you feel about the role of art in society and what impact do you hope your art has on viewers?

Without art, the world would be void. I hope my art makes you feel things.

“Ying and Yang”

How do you balance your creative work with other aspects of your life, such as work or family?

I don’t shoot 24/7 so it’s not much of a challenge balancing both, and besides I mostly create art with my family. It’s a great opportunity to bond.

How do you stay inspired and continue to evolve as an artist?

I’m human too so I don’t get inspired all the time but I stay inspired by keeping an open mind and controlling what goes into my mind.

“The concept of dualism piece by Awelewa Charles”

How did you feel seeing your art “Insomnia” at the New York NFT exhibition?

I was so overwhelmed and grateful seeing my art travelling around the globe. It is a great thing as that artwork, “INSOMNIA” was a tough stage that I went through back in school. I had chronic insomnia after my final year in school. I took drugs and wasn’t able to fight through. But, later on, I pulled through and that is why I said photography revived me with the way I tell the stories.

Artist Spotlight: Through His Creative Pictures, Photographer Awelewa Charles Is Hitting Great Milestones
“Awelewa Charles insomnia piece at the New York NFT exhibition.”
Quote from Awelewa Charles

What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are just starting in their artist journey? And who were your biggest supporters?

My advice is to start with any tool (your phone especially) don’t be scared. Embrace your true self. Have patience, persistence and self-belief. Don’t try to seek validation or recognition from other photographers. Don’t be so keen to get approval from people; do what you know is best for you, learn, adapt and focus on what drives you in the craft of photography. Trust me, everything will go smoothly. 

To my biggest supporters; Wale Adebisi (Photographer) and Grace Ekpu (Documentary photographer). Thank you for your immense support and for believing in me. 

Are there any upcoming projects we should be expecting soon?

I’m working on a series titled: “Mortal Dependence.” I have already shot three episodes and I can’t wait to share this with everyone. 

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