A Memorable Night of Elegance at the Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée

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A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
L-R Kojo Soboh, Latasha Ngwube | Cr.: Ngozi Eme

As the night sky draped the Mercedes-Benz Arena in VI, Lagos, the Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée opened like a captivating tale, drawing one into its world of glamour and distinction. The arena, a palace of modern luxury, seemed to stand as a testament to the impeccable choice for this prestigious pre-award extravaganza.

The remarkable men rewriting the narratives of their fields; film, sports, innovation, tech, business, and lifestyle converged under its auspices. 

A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
L-R Richard Mofe Damijo, Lanre Olushola & Kojo Soboh | Cr.: Ngozi Eme

At the helm of this grand affair was its visionary founder, Kojo Soboh. With a far-reaching vision, he had ingeniously woven together the threads of a Pan-African celebration. As the winners were unveiled, they represented a tapestry that spanned the entire continent, and in the mosaic of greatness, Nigeria’s presence stood tall and prominent.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
Chidi Mokeme | Cr.: Swagofafrica

In this year’s nominee lineup from Nigeria, the distinguished presence of Chidi Mokeme added a note of anticipation. His stature as a nominee resonated within the gathering, a testament to his excellence in his field. And among the luminaries, Cobhams, an honoree for this year, cast his unique brilliance onto the event, his aura adding an extra layer of significance to the celebration.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
Lanre Olushola | Cr.: Swagofafrica

As I cast my eyes across the room, I couldn’t help but recall the luminaries who had received this award before. Lanre Olushola, a titan in his own right, had left his indelible mark. RMD, a living legend. Both lent their aura to the event, their presence a reminder of the enduring legacy he embodied. Ayo Animashaun and Tony Elumelu, visionaries both, were etched into the Lagos Soirée’s history.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
Richard Mofe Damijo | Cr.: Swagofafrica

This year’s story marked the beginning of a new chapter, one that unfurled like a vivid tapestry – a prelude to the grand awards ceremony. A soirée emerged, poised to traverse the vast African landscape, its first steps taken on the vibrant streets of VI, Lagos. Under the artful guidance of Events by Klaud, entrusted to transform visions into tangible beauty, and with the strategic finesse of Blanche Aigle PR and Latasha Ngwube in gathering the attendees, the stage of this pre-award ceremony was elegantly set.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
Mawuli Gavor | Cr.: Swagofafrica

True to the city’s renowned reputation, Lagos promised an extraordinary spectacle. “There ain’t no party like a Lagos party,” they declared, and as the night unfolded, the city effortlessly breathed life into those words. In a symphony of lights, sounds, and laughter, the soirée surpassed all expectations, a testament to the city’s promise of unmatched revelry.

L-R: Mawuli Gavor, Osee Mbadiwe, Bovi, Busola Komolafe, Yomi Casual, Ozee Mbadiwe | Cr.: Swagofafrica

The ceremony was a carnival of celebration and connection, where conversations danced amidst the glamour and the air was tinged with an enchanting allure. A live performance from Dapo Pelmar set the perfect backdrop as past winners mingled seamlessly with a cross-section of Lagos’ finest – the young, the accomplished, the fashion-forward, and the elite, all converging in an eclectic tapestry.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
L-R: Kojo Soboh, Chef Tucker | Cr.: Ngozi Eme

The Mercedes-Benz Arena, like a gracious host, seemed a natural extension of the event’s essence. Elegance was not just a word here; it was woven into the very fabric of the venue. The EMY Africa Awards‘ renowned sophistication found its resonance in every corner, every detail – a perfect embodiment of the evening’s spirit.

L-R: Samuel Otigba, Dr Bisola Otigba | Cr.: Swagofafricanews

The triumph of the pre-Emy Africa Awards event bore the fruits of painstaking planning, a process akin to composing a symphony. From the palpable excitement on the red carpet to the finely orchestrated ambience that embraced every corner, and the culinary masterpieces curated by the skilled hands of Chef Tucker, each element seamlessly harmonised, composing a symphony of excellence. The result was nothing short of enchanting – a tapestry woven from diverse threads that transcended the ordinary, elevating the entire experience to a realm of sheer magic and wonder.

A Memorable Night of Elegance at Pre-EMY Africa Awards Lagos Soirée
Okusaga Adeoluwa | Cr.: Ngozi Eme

Earlier, the atrium had been a bustling realm, a canvas painted with opulence. Now, it wore a quieter elegance, as if it held its breath, basking in the afterglow of the evening’s festivities. Faces that had once thronged the space were now reduced to a select few, lingering like stars in a darkened theatre.

Ama K Abeberese, Michelle McKinney Hammond  | CR: Swagofafricanews
L-R: Ama K Abeberese, Michelle McKinney Hammond | Cr.: Swagofafrica

Yet, as I reflected on the night, it was clear that what I had witnessed was just the beginning of an unfolding tale. This soirée served as a prelude, a glimpse into the grand narrative that is yet to come. It wasn’t merely an event; it was a spark of anticipation, setting the stage for the main act coming up in Ghana on October 14th.

The night of the pre-EMY Africa Awards closed its curtains, filling the air lingering with excitement. This gathering wasn’t the crescendo; evidently, it was a gentle tease, a hint of the brilliance that awaits.

This piece on the Pre-EMY Africa Awards Soirée held in Lagos on Sunday, August 13 was written by Tilewa Hassan.

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