Eden Life’s Branch-Out Platform, Homemade by Eden Life, Is Unleashing Value-Based Food Service

It's a timely culinary intervention in Nigeria where many career-oriented individuals live busy lives, relying on multiple jobs or businesses to survive.
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Eden Life, an innovative tech startup delivering purposeful solutions to Nigerians’ home service needs, has launched its groundbreaking branch-out platform, Homemade by Eden Life.

Homemade by Eden Life is the first indigenous food product in Nigeria to promise an unmatched homely feeling, providing easy access to healthy home-cooked meals for busy Nigerians using customised subscriptions.

In a press statement issued by Eden Life, the home concierge platform asserted that Homemade by Eden Life is positioned to be the answer to the cooking challenges of a busy professional in a city like Lagos. 

Eden Life Launches Branch-Out Platform, 'Homemade by Eden Life'
Nadayar Enegesi, CEO of Eden Life

Speaking on this initiative, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eden Life, Nadayar Enegesi says:

Homemade by Eden Life is coming as a major market leader in making healthy home-cooked meals accessible to individuals with busy work schedules. We want to restore the customers’ comfort through a valued-based platform as we rebuild the trust in out-of-home meals without compromising the quality of the rich-tasting meals that we offer.

Nadayar Enegesi

Despite the proliferation of food vendors and restaurants, the average Nigerian enjoys home-cooked meals prepared under hygienic conditions. Information from BHM’s Research and Intelligence team which was contained in the press statement posits that eating Homemade by Eden Life food is considered the most convenient mode of feeding with 43.1 per cent while a larger percentage of 56.9 per cent of Lagos residents eat out or use delivery services. Thus, Homemade by Eden Life will connect this growing population of commercial food consumers with experienced chefs known as “Gardeners” with excellent cooking skills to deliver great quality meals on time.

According to the statement, Homemade by Eden Life is indeed a timely culinary intervention in Nigeria where many career-oriented individuals live busy lives, relying on multiple jobs or businesses to survive. The rigours of daily life have a harder impact on professionals living in a fast-paced city with vehicular congestion. The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics published that Lagos residents spent over N827 billion eating out in 2019, representing 34 per cent of total food expenditure.

Founded in 2019, Eden Life embodies a revolution in home service delivery to help individuals with disposable income connect with professionals in Nigeria, as well as Kenya, who are willing to set their domestic needs on auto-pilot. This automated concierge service platform is the brainchild of three ex-Andela staffers, Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh, on a $600,000 pre-seed round from friends and family initially to target millennials and Gen Zs mostly in the tech space who are too busy to juggle house chores with their jobs.

With a capital of $1.4m, Investors of Eden Life include Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders, Future Africa, Samurai Incubate, Village Global, LocalGlobe and more.

On the strength of experienced chefs in the food production team as well as well-trained personnel in logistics, Eden Life’s latest product, Homemade by Eden Life, is on the path of becoming a disruptor in the economics of food service in Nigeria.

Orafiri Adoki, Food Production Lead, Eden Life

It has been reported that Eden Life has over 600 users with a 92% monthly retention rate and over 70% of new users onboarded via referrals. The startup has delivered over 60,000 services since its launch in 2019.

Before Eden Life, Enegesi had co-founded Andela and managed its developer learning infrastructure for five years. Before that, he led engineering teams at companies in Toronto, Canada and co-founded an ed-tech startup. Enegesi has gone from building companies out of Canada to leveraging Nigeria’s tech ecosystem to executive his dream–his biggest startup venture yet. Eden Life has so far acquired funding from top-tier investors like EXPERT DOJO, Goodwater Capital, Village Global, and Google for Startups.

Enegesi’s entrepreneurial story will be incomplete without his co-founder on Eden Life, Prosper Otemuyiwa, a software developer. Otemuyiwa proved his expertise at age 23 in 2016 when he beat Facebook to emerge second on the list of #PHP developers worldwide. Additionally, he was a Google development expert from 2016 to 2018, representing Google at events. He has made his mark as a developer advocate.

Silm Momoh, a graduate of the University of Ilorin, is the Product Lead and Co-Founder at Eden Life Inc.  


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