Aga Culture Debuts with the Aada, a Collection with Colours Inspired by the Bustling Ibadan Street Markets

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In Victorian times, giving a hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver’s delicate beauty. In the same way, we acknowledge that each and every one of us has a delicate beauty waiting to be acknowledged.

Through the Aada collection, released by Aga Culture for its debut, the fashion brand acknowledges the delicate beauty in everyone.

For this collection full of colour and inspiration, the designer Moyo collaborates with multimedia artist Adekepemi to produce the impressive pieces.

The bright colours of the bustling Ibadan street markets and pulsating rhythms of Lagos, as well as the calm nostalgic spirit of childhood days roaming in hibiscus garden, informed the colour palette.

Drawing the simple shapes, architectural lines, and bold colors reflect the notion of “clothing as art” and ‘clothing as a story board’.

The vibrant fashion collection which is mainly female, also features a mix of androgynous pieces.

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