Digital Creator (the) Almighty Nigerian Shares His 5 Grooming Essentials with Moda Culture

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Grooming isn’t the easiest thing to do, so don’t disregard it.

Men, listen, that unnecessarily hard toothbrush, weirdly shaped razor, towel that cleans your face and car, and lotion that you think is multipurpose and will do everything but remind you to wake up in the morning is not going to cut it anymore.

Long gone are the days when grooming was thought to be a woman’s thing. For a modern man, an average stylish man, or even a metrosexual, grooming is a crucial part of living. Though many women are known for hoarding beauty products, many men are guilty of not using enough. Using body soap everywhere and shaving cream, and calling it a day can wreak havoc on your skin. It doesn’t have to take hours, just mere minutes with the right products would be enough to help you look and smell better — and digital content creator, Ade agrees with us.

“You see how people say that skincare isn’t for guys, that’s a lie, because baby you see all this melanin? This melanin needs to be taken care of.”


Ade, also known as Almighty Nigerian, is a Digital creator and former Instagram chef. He is a Nigerian plus-size fashion influencer, big on travel and lifestyle and is currently based in Texas, USA.

We asked him to share his grooming essentials as and he gave us great tips.

Unsure of where to start with your grooming? Take a look at Ade’s tips and ponder on these carefully selected “must-haves” in his day to day grooming.

• Face Wash
Body soap? No! It was about time you stopped subjecting your face to the same formula and harshness required to clean your butt. Keeping a clear and bright face is the first step to a great skincare routine. Before applying any face wash on your skin, ensure it’s meant for your skin type.

“I have a facewash as part of my grooming must-haves, and yes, there’s always gonna be face wash. And it needs to be salicylic because that’s what works with my skin.

Apply in the morning when you wake up to remove dead cells, look refreshed and look energised for the day, and also at night before bed to wipe out dirt, oil, and impurities from entering your pores. The skin on the face is a tad bit more sensitive and delicate than other parts of the body. Body soap on the face causes dry-outs and can speed up the process of ageing.

• Moisturiser and Sunscreen
Stay hydrated! It’s always important to use a moisturiser on your skin to prevent breakouts, reduce wrinkles and brown spots, decelerate the aging process, and generally prevent you from looking ashy. But, imagine doing all this homework and throwing it all away by skipping shielding your skin with an extra layer of sunscreen.

“I always use my moisturiser and sunscreen; because baby I am never going to be caught ashy. If I am ashy, just know that I have been hacked, as a person I must have been hacked and cloned. And then, you need to protect yourself from sunburns. So you gotta apply, you know…the right amount of sunscreen.”


An extra layer of SPF will shield you from the heavy UV rays. You can also get built in SPF moisturisers.

Deodorant and Perfume

Life is tough, we know. But you should smell better than what you go through.

Most importantly, regular bathing is super important. If your soap or body wash is heavily fragranced, and you like that smell, that can be your base smell and it’s totally acceptable. However, because of the natural biology of perspiration, your base smell will be overpowered, and that’s where the use of deodorant or an antiperspirant comes into play. There’s a certain level of attractiveness you attain by wearing a good fragrance; especially one that compliments you.

“Number three for me would be Deodorants and perfumes. I don’t know how people walk out of their houses without using deodorant. And then it needs to be aluminium-free deodorant, like it needs to be fresh and everything”.

We know everyone has their own body scent, and often, it could be a turn on for the opposite sex. But when perspiration occurs, — and it will — depending on your own scent, it could be fatal to society. Avoid smelling like a plague because you want to turn on the opposite sex with your “natural smell”. Also note that lots of perfume is a crime.

• Nail Clipper and Brow Kit

Taking care of your nails is very important. Well trimmed nails can be very sexy. Caring for your cuticles is also pertinent. Dead tissues can accumulate in the bottom of your nail, and it tends to peel off. This can be corrected by simply nipping your cuticles.

“My fourth will definitely be a nail clipper and a brow clip. My eyebrows are always perfect, and my nails are always going to be kept short, except for the pinkie that I like to leave long once in a while.”

Men do not necessarily worry about their eyebrows, but Ade is telling you now that you need a brow kit. Your brow must be carved and shaped for the gods.

• Hand Cream and Lip Balm

For someone like Ade who experiences a little more severe cold, because of his location, hand cream is very important. But the use of hand creams is now grossly being adopted by everyone. Hand Creams keep your hands softer and moisturised, and men have been known for having almost woody hands. If you have a manual job, you should not neglect the use of hand creams. Also, try not to have chapped lips. Lip balms are essential because your lips are in need of hydration almost all the time.

“Hand cream and lip balm; because baby I have a very full lip and they must be moisturised all the time lol.”


Elvis Osifo is a culture and lifestyle Editor, proficient in investigative journalism and curating relevant as well as engaging web contents. He is opportune to use his platform as an editor, writer and contributor to a number of publications as a voice of love, acceptance and inclusivity in Africa, and to Africans.

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