Nelson Fashion Series Explores Versatility and Strength with the ‘Uranta’ Editorial

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What does Uranta mean?

A king
A great man
A man distinguished from others.

Nelson Fashion Series explores the versatility and strength of man in this editorial ‘Uranta’.

Through this editorial, the initiative’s director Nelson Utchay portrays ‘MAN’ in different forms. With the use of the hats and accessories, he paints an imagery of the weight mankind bears in the day to day hustle and bustle throughout the ‘(M)orning, (A)fternoon and (N)ight’.

He also experiments with accessories which he says represent the weight of the hard work.

What I’m trying to achieve from the shoot is to portray a man in different forms especially with the market shoot I did. It means M.A.N. as per Morning, Afternoon, Night. As per how we work hard with the burden. The accessories, the hats – all these represent the load on us.

Nelson Utchay

Everything around that shoot, the market setting is like the society and what they expect from us. And then, the closeup image of his hand and rings has to do with the beauty of man.

Nelson Utchay

The image of ‘Uranta’ holding a female purse shows man’s versatility – the ability to express himself in any way – and also, greatness, his strength, and everything positive you could think of in a man.

Nelson Utchay

Nelson Fashion Series’ efforts at exploring all of these manifested in the different looks in the ‘Uranta’ collection.

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